Klas Løvelund

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Klas Løvelund is considered one of the best youthpulls that Hattrick youthsquads ever produced. He was pulled as a 17 year old, and was excellent on 2 stats and solid on 3 stats and a TSI close to 10.000.
He was pulled late in the season, so he never made it to the U20's.

These are the stats he had when pulled :

Klas Løvelund (87315092)
17 years and ? days, Passable form, healthy
A pleasant guy, who is balanced and upright.
Has poor experience and poor leadership abilities.

Speciality: Unpredictable

Nationality:  Danmark
Total Skill Index (TSI): 10 970
Wage: 16 247 Kroner/week (1 625 €/week)
Owner: team Bacon
Warnings: 0
Injuries: Healthy

Stamina: solid Goalkeeping: disastrous
Playmaking: poor Passing: solid
Winger: excellent Defending: excellent
Scoring: solid Set Pieces: wretched