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Kluivert & Co (503932)
Manager: GHoeberX
Series: IV.59
Country: Netherlands
Region: Utrecht
Arena: Estadio Mediterráneo (77.779 seats)
Division IX.PNG Division IX.73 Champions Season 13
Division VIII.PNG Division VIII.576 Champions Season 14
Division VI.PNG Division VI.93 Champions Season 21
Division V.PNG Division V.3 Champions Season 24

Kluivert & Co is a Hattrick-team currently playing in Division IV.59 in the Netherlands, managed by GHoeberX. It was the first Dutch team with its own page on Hattrick Wiki. The mission statement holds that Kluivert & Co aims to be the best Hattrick-team never to have participated in daytrading.


Immediately after the club was founded at 2 October 2004, a lot of changes were made within the club. One of these changes was that manager Alfonso van Hees was fired and replaced by a new manager named Øyvind Hassel. Within 6 weeks the amount of stars went from 18,5 to 27, and eventually the first season, the team became champions. The next season Kluivert & Co continued the winning streak and after becoming champions in the 8th division and being undefeated for 23 league-matches, the team was finally called to a halt in their 3rd season. The 4th season, however, Kluivert & Co regained powers and made a spectacular comeback in the end of the season: they were 6 points behind the 2nd-placed team, Tondenia, but miraculously Tondenia lost both games and Kluivert & Co went to the 6th division because they scored more goals than Tondenia!

The VI.93 turned out to be a difficult league, because the team was stuck in the league for 5 seasons. In the fifth season, K&C finally was able to turn the tie and with 14 wins out of 14 league-games they promoted to the fifth division. To everybody's surprise, K&C was able to compete for the title in the first season, but finished second. The season after that it looked like K&C was going to become champion, but due to several undeserved results in the last week of the season, they lost the first place! The third season in the V.3 finally brought justice as Kluivert & Co became champions already three weeks before the end of the season.

Awards & Medals[edit]