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Kluivert & Co is currently a team in Division VI.93 in the Netherlands. It is one of the quickest improving teams in the country.

Kluivert & Co (503932)
Series: VI.93
Country: Netherlands
Region: Utrecht
Arena: Kluivert & Co Arena (55.557 seats)
Fan club: None


Awards & Medals

  • Division IX.73 Champions Season 13
  • Division VIII.576 Champions Season 14

Individual Honors

  • Co de Goede - Topscorer of Division IX.273 in season 13
  • Bernie Joha - Topscorer of Division VIII.576 in season 14
  • Vladimir Hilkhuijsen - Topscorer of Division VIII.576 in season 14

Foreign Friendlies

Because of the sophisticated training schemes of the manager, Kluivert & Co plays every week foreign friendlies and rarely plays against teams from the Netherlands. This is being done for the 0.1 experience increase over national friendlies. The only Dutch team, Kluivert & Co plays against is the quickest improving team of the Netherlands: FC Rambam.