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Kluivert & Co is currently a Hattrick-team currently playing in Division VI.93 in the Netherlands. It is one of the quickest improving teams in the country.

Kluivert & Co (503932)
Series: VI.93
Country: Netherlands
Region: Utrecht
Arena: Kluivert & Co Arena (55.557 seats)
Fan club: None


Awards & Medals

  • Division IX.73 Champions Season 13
  • Division VIII.576 Champions Season 14

Individual Honors

  • Co de Goede - Topscorer of Division IX.273 in Season 13
  • Bernie Joha - Topscorer of Division VIII.576 in Season 14
  • Vladimir Hilkhuijsen - Topscorer of Division VIII.576 in Season 14

Foreign Friendlies

Because of the sophisticated training schemes of the manager, Kluivert & Co plays every week foreign friendlies and rarely plays against teams from the Netherlands. This is being done for the 0,2 experience increase which is more than the 0,1 experience increase of normal friendlies. The only Dutch team, Kluivert & Co plays against is the quickest improving team of the Netherlands: FC Rambam.