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* [http://luxembourg.hatstats.info Hatstats for Luxembourg]
* [http://luxembourg.hatstats.info Hatstats for Luxembourg]
* [http://bobymoore.blogsome.com/ Bobymoore's blog]
* [http://bobymoore.blogsome.com/ Bobymoore's blog]
* [http://users.lu.coditel.net/htluxstat/ Htluxstat]
* [ Htluxstat]
== Footnotes ==
== Footnotes ==

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Disambiguation icon.png This page describes the country Lëtzebuerg. For other uses of Lëtzebuerg, see Lëtzebuerg (disambiguation)

Lëtzebuerg is a country in Western Europe and surrounded by België, France and Deutschland. It has a population of about 450,000 people and a total area of 2,586 km².

The official languages are Luxembourgish, German and French. All three of them, together with English, can and have to be used on the national forums.


NT U-20 Luxembourg

NT U-21 Luxembourg

NT Luxembourg

Hattrick Country
Flag of Luxembourg
Coat of Arms of Luxembourg
Location of Luxembourg (link to Google map)
Wikipedia page
100 € = 100 US$
Time zone Hattrick Time
Continent: [[Europe]]
Luxembourg HT Country
[[Western Europe]]
Number of regions: 12
Current local season: 17
Number of teams:
(~ active)
680 (active ~490)
Level of series: 4
Top series name: Nationaldivisioun
National cups: Coupe de Luxembourg (main)
Lëtzebuerg Emerald Cup (challenger)
Lëtzebuerg Ruby Cup (challenger)
Lëtzebuerg Sapphire Cup (challenger)
Lëtzebuerg Consolation Cup (third tier)
National teams


Lëtzebuerg has got its own league during global season 22. Before this date, Luxembourg users had to play in the surrounding countries. The two first users to join were Neonn and masako on the 1st of February 2004. Both have already left Hattrick, Neonn during the first season and the Ocean Dragons, owned by masako, during their stay in the II.3 in season 10. The country itself grew on a relatively constant base and, nearly reaching the limit of 168 users, the upper limit for all countries starting with three divisions, a division IV was added before the beginning of local season 5, expanding the total capacity to 680 teams. The fourth division began to be filled by the end of June 2005. The country reached 400 users for the first time during February 2007.

The translation of Hattrick into Lëtzebuergesch was completed on the 19th of October 2007 thus making Hattrick the first game ever to be available in the national language of Luxembourg.

At the end of local season 13, there was a major change concerning the regions. Lëtzebuerg had seven regions before and twelve after the change. The new regions are Iechternach, Miersch, Réiden, Réimech and Veianen. The old regions were given their name in Luxembourgish, whilst two out of them, the former Gutland and the former Ösling were given new names, corresponding to two out of 12 cantons. The change was intended to reproduce the twelve cantons of the real Luxembourg.

After failing to reach the final phase of the U-20 World Cup several times, and the one for World Cup once, U-20 Lëtzebuerg managed to qualify for the first time for Round II during the campaign for U-20 World Cup XI. One season later, the national team reached Round II for the first time during World Cup XII.

Teams and users

The three oldest team as of February 2009 are Jeunesse Champion, Belair Allstars and FC Jeunesse Kanech. Only seven teams are nowadays older than the oldest teams founded in division III and only 25 teams founded during 2004 remain. For a long time, Spora was the team with the most wins, league and cup wins combined, holding four league and three cup wins. They also held the most league wins alone and the title of the most cup wins together with Luxembourg Soccer Club. Spora's reign is long over and FightClub Football Club managed to take the first place in the race towards the most titles, holding nine national titles. FightClub comes first in the number of league and shares the number of three cup wins with Spora and Luxembourg Soccer Club. Hattrick Masters X was their moment of international glory, when they reached the final of the tournament as the first team ever from Lëtzebuerg and were only beaten in the penalties by beltxis from Venezuela.

While there have been several foreign national coaches in the early seasons, Lëtzebuerg meanwhile had some of its own being national coach or U-20 team coaches. DurdenTyler, ZZ-80, Woozie, _ImperaTor_ and LA-Superjhemp (thrice) were elected for the U-20; Luddinho Bobymoore, LA-Superjhemp (twice), Woozie and CLuXi were elected for the national team. World Cup X saw DaKar as the last foreign coach. Many Luxembourg teams also hold national players in order to avoid these players being sabotaged.


None yet.

Luxembourg staff

Lëtzebuerg was under the surveillance of foreign staff at the beginning. Mod-Bilbo, before he became a GM, and Mod-beppo kept an eye on its conferences. As the country grew, an own Mod soon became a necessity. Mod-sevysak became Mod on the 6th of January 2005 therefore. He left this position on the 1st of July 2006 and was replaced twenty days later by Mod-Karlthegreat, who had already been an LA for Deutsch for some months at that time.

Former staff:

League champions

Season Team Name Manager Name
16 FightClub Football Club DurdenTyler
15 FightClub Football Club DurdenTyler
14 FightClub Football Club DurdenTyler
13 FightClub Football Club DurdenTyler
12 Belair Allstars Lietsche
11 FightClub Football Club DurdenTyler
10 Gainesvillerockcity Andrew_mc_hagis
9 FightClub Football Club DurdenTyler
8 Spora zuzut
7 Spora zuzut
6 Gainesvillerockcity Andrew_mc_hagis
5 Spora zuzut
4 Spora zuzut
3 Young Boys Munich 04 waterwalker
2 Young Boys Munich 04 waterwalker
1 Grevenmacher AJ (Bot) Unknown

Coupe de Luxembourg champions

Season Team Name Manager Name
16 FightClub Football Club DurdenTyler
15 DreamTeam Esch Bibro
14 FC Fismoluni fismoluni
13 Belair Allstars Lietsche
12 Erster Im Ländchen ZZ-80
11 FightClub Football Club DurdenTyler
10 FightClub Football Club DurdenTyler
9 Spora zuzut
8 Luxembourg Soccer Club Bobymoore
7 Spora zuzut
6 Luxembourg Soccer Club Bobymoore
5 Luxembourg Soccer Club Bobymoore
4 Gainesvillerockcity Andrew_mc_hagis
3 Spora zuzut
2 Jamaican Penguins Bobsleigh Team[1] Jillefsky
1 The Chemical Brothers Jillefsky

National Teams

National Team Coaches

World Cup Manager Votes / Visible votes Result
World Cup XIII CLuXi 23 / 57 Ongoing
World Cup XII Bibro 17 / 55 Round II, 4th place in Group 8
World Cup XI Woozie 32 / 87 Qualification (3 out of 7)
World Cup X DaKar 41 / 94 Qualification (4 out of 6)
World Cup IX LA-Superjhemp 25 / 53 Qualification (6 out of 7)
World Cup VIII LA-Superjhemp 21 / 52 Qualification (6 out of 6)
World Cup VII Bobymoore ? / ? Qualification (5 out of 6)
World Cup VI alfredbester ? / ? Qualification (6 out of 6)
World Cup V MichaelL ? / ? Qualification (5 out of 5)

U-20 Team Coaches

World Cup Manager Votes / Visible votes Result
U-20 World Cup XII LA-Superjhemp 26 / 64 Qualification (4 out of 8)
U-20 World Cup XI LA-Superjhemp 21 / 58 Round II, 4th place in Group 4
U-20 World Cup X _ImperaTor_, then: LA-Superjhemp 35 / 94, then: 34 / 78 Qualification (5 out of 7)
U-20 World Cup IX Woozie 19 / 64 Qualification (4 out of 7)
U-20 World Cup VIII Ostekiks ? / ? Qualification (3 out of 6)
U-20 World Cup VII ZZ-80 ? / ? Qualification (3 out of 6)
U-20 World Cup VI DurdenTyler ? / ? Qualification (3 out of 5)
U-20 World Cup V Seiei ? / ? Qualification (5 out of 5)
U-20 World Cup IV Seiei ? / ? Did not take part


Lëtzebuerg has 12 regions, the most populated being Luxembourg. Due to historical reasons teams from Dikrech have dominated the first two divisions for some time, but more and more teams from Lëtzebuerg, Esch-Uelzecht and also Kapellen replaced them. There has never been a human team from Miersch, Réiden, Réimech and Veianen in the Nationaldivisioun.



  1. ^  Changed name since then, Atomic Force Luxembourg was previously named Jamaican Penguins Bobsleigh Team, then The Chemical Brothers and finally HaCaT Boys.


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