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_LEOSCHUMY_ (1934226)
File:LEOSCHUMY logo.gif
Official logo for _LEOSCHUMY_
Region Puglia
Country  Italia
Geografic area Latin Europe
Continent Europe
Foundation 27.02.2011
Stadium SebastianVettel (30 380 seats)
Fan club Cavallini Rampanti(1459 members)
League VII.45
President Italy LEOSCHUMY


Coach Croatia Zoran Gabriš


Prize shelf
Series Champions IX.618 (Italy) Season 47

Top Scorer IX.618 (Italy) Season 46Top Scorer IX.618 (Italy) Season 47

Team colours
Youth Team
Youth Team: -
Youth arena: -

_LEOSCHUMY_ is an Italian football club from Puglia region.

The Team

Foundation History

_LEOSCHUMY_ was founded on February 27th, 2011.


SebastianVettel is the arena of _LEOSCHUMY_. It has a total capacity of 30 380 .

  • Total capacity: 30 380
  • Terraces: 18 040
  • Basic seating: 7 227
  • Seats under roof: 4 404
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 709