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[[Category:Sri Lankan Players|Rifnas, 'Belli Capelli' Lahiru]]
[[Category:Sri Lankan Players|Rifnas, Belli Capelli Lahiru]]
[[Category:Coaches|Rifnas, Belli Capelli Lahiru]]
[[Category:U.S. Ratnapura|Rifnas]]
[[Category:U.S. Ratnapura|Rifnas, Belli Capelli Lahiru]]
[[Category:Retired Players|Rifnas, 'Belli Capelli' Lahiru]]
[[Category:Retired Players|Rifnas, Belli Capelli Lahiru]]

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Personal Information
Full name Lahiru Rifnas
Nickname Belli Capelli
Country  Sri Lanka
Position F
Speciality -
Club Information
Current club
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
Sri Lanka U.S. Ratnapura _1_(2)
Global Seasons Team Games
Sri Lanka U.S. Ratnapura

Lahiru 'Belli Capelli' Rifnas (439659354) was a Sri Lankan player and trainer of U.S. Ratnapura. He was the 1st trainer of the club.

Belli Capelli.png