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Cup #2 is currently accepting teams and will start in week 7 of League play.
Cup #2 is currently accepting teams and will start in week 7/8 of League play.

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Land of Lincoln Cup

The Land of Lincoln Cup, LoL, was created for teams in the Chicago and Illinois regions of the USA to determine the best team of the state.


The LoL Cup is currently enjoying it's 2nd tournament. The first tournament was in season 34. The second cup is taking place in season 36. The Cup is in the beginning stages of it's career, and it will be an annual tournament if the second cup has at least 8 participants. The first winner of the LoL Cup was invited and played in the U.S. Cup Championship.


The first cup had 12 teams. The teams were divided into 3 groups of 4 teams each. The 3 group winners, and the best team out of the rest made it into a four team knock-out stage. The winner of the knock-out stage represented the LoL Cup in the U.S. Cup Championship.

Land of Lincoln Cup History

The first cup saw full.tilt from the Illinios region win the title. The team was 3-0 in group play, and had an easy semi-final match where they crushed The Outfit, from the Chicago region by a 5-0 margin. The Final was a tighter match as full.tilt would go against another Chicago team in FC Vakkooo. FC Vakkooo had a 2-0 lead closing in on half-time, but was scored on in the last minute, making it 2-1 going into the break. FC Vakkooo would fall apart in the second half, as full.tilt would score twice and go on to win 3-2, and be crowned LoL Cup #1 Champions.

Cup #2 is currently accepting teams and will start in week 7/8 of League play.


Cup # & Season Champion Region Score Runner Up Region Venue Attendance
I (34) full.tilt (224569) IL 3-2 FC Vakkooo (222319) Chicago The Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial 1,884

U.S. Champion's Premier Cup & U.S. Cup Championship

The winner of the LoL Cup plays in one of the two USA Cups. Season 1 cup winner full.tilt played and won the U.S. Cup Championship.

The winner of cup #2 will play in the U.S. Cup Championship as well.


Cup # & Season LoL Cup Representative Score Opponent (Fed) Venue Attendance
I (34) full.tilt (224569) 3-0 Connor's crusaders (GOAL) Krushers Kamp 2,010
I Final (34) full.tilt (224569) 4-3 Wilmington Wildcats FC (NE Cup) Orange Bowl 3,114