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Landspokalturneringen is the national cup of Danmark.


The cup of started in 2001. From seasons 13 to 23 the final round was played over two matches. From season 24 the final are now played over one match on neutral ground.


Season Team Name Manager Name
32 fc prugelknabe prugelknabe
31 fanny hills drenge fanny-hill
30 Langmack Elite Langmack
29 Ekvilibristerne Fireball33
28 El Torros Gigante Pablo_Escobar
27 El Torros Gigante Pablo_Escobar
26 FC Knoldesparkerne hyldebo
25 zollfrancks drenge zollfranck
24 Man.City Dune99
23 Skou United MadsSkou
22 Skou United MadsSkou
21 FC Kampsax Madskaa
20 Dalum IF Knudsen
19 ZGF Zola25
18 Dalum IF Knudsen
17 ZGF Zola25
16 ZGF Zola25
15 Man.City Dune99
14 Loke's Team Loke_
13 Tårnby Boldklub madss
12 Frederiksborg Amt Unknown