Larchuma Football Club

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Larchuma Football Club was a Belgian team managed by Dragecq. It was founded on 19-04-2002.

Larchuma Football Club became 2 times national champion (seasons 15 and 16).

The team reached the 2nd round in Hattrick Masters II and the 3rd round in Hattrick Masters III.

Larchuma Football Club was formerly called "The Harlem Globeshotters".

Dragecq quit hattrick in October 2006, during his term as National Team Coach of Belgium.

Prize shelf

Division III.PNG III.10 Division II.PNG II.1 Division I.PNG Champion Division I.PNG Champion


Season League Cup
season 3 6th in III.10 3rd round
season 4 5th in III.10 5th round
season 5 2nd in III.10 4th round
season 6 5th in III.10 6th round
season 7 2nd in III.10 6th round
season 8 3rd in III.10 8th round
season 9 2nd in III.10 7th round
season 10 3rd in III.10 4th round
season 11 5th in III.10 9th round
season 12 4th in III.10 6th round
season 13 1st in III.10 8th round
season 14 1st in II.1 14th round
season 15 1st in Eerste Klasse 6th round
season 16 1st in Eerste Klasse 10th round
season 17 6th in Eerste Klasse 9th round
season 18 8th in Eerste Klasse 13th round