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Chief Officer: LH-Torsten
Founding date: 10-08-2005
Members: 120
Languages: german

Latehome Radio

Latehome-Radio is a German HT-Radio. It was founded in 2004 by LH-Torsten and LH-Rolli

The radio is on air everyday from 7 pm HT-Time until after midnight. The listeners are able to chat with each other in the IRC-network Gamesurge (Channel: #Latehome).


LH-Torsten, LH-Rolli, LH-Hempi, LH-BlueEye, LH-Ei, LA-Eijkelkamp, patta, Flurgott, Mod-Stier32, Mod-Tholis, GM-Tomboy, Rubbler, WEB-mta, Kelnozz, Malcolmix, DiddyDU, Barbarella, Braumaister, Austriamike, peppermill, kkaefer, millman, spiranha, Colin_