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Chief Officer: LH-Torsten
Founding date: 10-08-2005
Members: 122
Languages: german

Latehome-Radio is a German HT-Radio. It was founded by LH-Torsten and LH-Rolli in 2004. The name Latehome derives from Latum a little village both, LH-Torsten and LH-Rolli, live close to. But since nowadays most radio shows last much longer than midnight, latehome is a feasable characterisation of the radio itself.

In August 2005 the Latehome-Federation was founded. In this federation listeners and hosts can discuss about new shows, the listeners get informations about the schedule of the current week.

The radio is on air everyday from 7 pm HT-Time until after midnight.

The listeners are able to chat with each other in the IRC-network Gamesurge (Channel: #Latehome).


In 2006 a few User founded Latehome². This station is also on the Latehome Server.
Here's the Stream




Frequent listeners

During the HT-games there are about 50 to 100 listeners. In the meantime some listeners appear very often, so some of them are mentioned here:


  • League matches live for Deutschland, Schweiz and Liechtenstein (weekly) mostly with LH-Torsten
  • League matches live for Österreich (weekly) with GM-Tomboy
  • Latehome Oldie Show (biweekly) with LA-Eijkelkamp
  • Malcolmix Magical Music Expressway (biweekly) with Malcolmix
  • "Be Yourself" with WEB-mta - the Latehome-Latetalk on Friday. Interview with important HT-Managers
  • kkaefers Krabbelkiste with kkaefer
  • Tuesday Night Music Club with patta
  • Rock-Show with Rubbler
  • Friday Night Party with LH-Torsten
  • Ska and Punkrock Party with Colin_
  • The Latehome-Masters 2nd edition every Wednesday with AUSTRIAMIKE
  • Wishes, reggae and techno at different times with LH-Hempi
  • "Verbrechen auf dem Plattenteller" (Crimes on the turntable) (weekly part of the show) with Mod-Stier32


  • 08-28-04 - 08-29-04 1st Latehome-Treffen in Meerbusch-Nierst
  • 08-06-05 - 08-07-05 2nd Latehome-Treffen in Hürth-Kalscheuren (near Cologne)
  • 09-02-06 - 09-03-06 3rd Latehome-Treffen in Meerbusch-Lank
  • 03-31-07 - 03-31-07 1st LH2-Treffen in Meerbusch-Lank
  • 08-31-07 - 09-02-07 4th Latehome-Treffen in Meerbusch-Lank (first over three days)


  • 1st Latehome-Masters played in global Season 31 - Winner: LH-Rolli Templer Meerbusch
  • 2nd Latehome-Masters played in global Season 32 - Winner: LH-Rolli Templer Meerbusch