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General Information on leagues

All teams in Hattrick play in "leagues". Each league consists of eight (8) different teams, which play against each other two times each season.

There are different league levels, and a certain number of levels for each Hattrick country, depending on the number of users in that specific country. The smallest countries have only three levels, the largest ones, e.g. Spain and Germany have eleven of them, ranging from the first divison (e.g. Bundesliga in Germany or Allsvenskan in Sweden) to the bottom division XI (11). Note that Sweden is a special case when numbering the league levels; the first level is Allsvenskan, then come I.1 to I.4, then the "second" divisons and so on. So, the lowest division in Sweden, the tenth level, is actually called division IX (nine).

League numbers on different levels

There are different numbers of leagues on each level. There is always only one top division league, the there are four second division leagues, 16 third division leagues, and so on, up to the sixth division. From there on, there are always 1024 leagues per division.

League level Number of leagues
1 1
2 4
3 16
4 64
5 256
6 1024
7 1024
8 1024
9 1024
10 1024
11 1024