Leen Paalvast

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Personal Information
Full name Leen Paalvast
Nickname De Leeuwin
Country Belgium België
Position Defender/Attacker
Club Information
Current club Sportieve Senioren
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
28 -> 39 Belgium Sportieve Senioren _120_(35)

Leen Paalvast (93183035) was a striker of Sportieve Senioren.
She was promoted from the youthsquad three weeks after Jelmer Brandis. Some people say she wanted to prove to him girls are better at football than boys.. Although she never succeeded proving this, she played over a 100 games and scored many goals.
Even more known than her football carrier is her relationship with Sportieve starplayer Brandis. At the end of Global season 35 they finally got married..

Prize shelf

  • Belgium VIII.1935 VII.358 VII.711 VI.664

Hall of Fame

At the end of season 26 Paalvast gave up her football carrier and became PR manager.
Rumours said her husband forced her to do so, others believed she was pregnant..
She played her last game (and scored her last goal) against Angels Ut (237561835).