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== Leonaridus da kit designer ==
Commonly known as Oxidus, this shady character renowned for his rude retorts to friendly guestbook messages, claimed his place in Hattrick history by designing the Arena Viewer.  This Arena Viewer was met with general bemusement, sporadic applause, and an overwhelming concensus that it was a damn sight better than the old one.
Rumour has it that the secretive Maestro is undergoing work on a Hattrick custom kit designer. Or to be precise, it has already been finished.  Still, it's not in Hattrick yet, so watch this space...
When not engaging his artistic streak, Leonaridus da kit designer spends his time attempting to moderate the [[5th Slot Fed]] and reminiscing the days when he had hair.
== Quotes by Leonaridus da kit designer ==
''"The wiki page is actually quite well put together. There's some interesting stuff on there now"''
''"Writing to me in other languages(eg Polish, Hebrew, Spanish etc.)is pointless"''
''"It wasn't me .. It was Pinky"''
''"I'd like to be a russian lady with big baps"''
'' "If anyone from here spams that, then it's goodnight Vienna."''

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