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Disambiguation icon.png This page describes country Liechtenstein. For other uses of Liechtenstein, see Liechtenstein (disambiguation)
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NT U-20 Liechtenstein

NT U-21 Liechtenstein

NT Liechtenstein

Hattrick Country
File:Location of Liechtenstein.PNG
Location of Liechtenstein (link to Google map)
Wikipedia page
Currency CHF
2 CHF = 1 €
Time zone Hattrick Time
Continent: [[Europe]]
Liechtenstein HT Country
[[Central Europe]]
Number of regions: 11
Current local season: 6
Number of teams:
(~ active)
Level of series: 4
Top series name: I.1
National cups: Liechtenstein Cup (main)
Liechtenstein Emerald Cup (challenger)
Liechtenstein Ruby Cup (challenger)
Liechtenstein Sapphire Cup (challenger)
Liechtenstein Consolation Cup (third tier)
National teams



None yet

Liechtenstein Staff

Former staff:

League champions

Season Team Name Manager Name
5 Sportfreunde Freibier 04 Sardello
4 QCM-Kickers Escha Dr_Gonzo09
3 FC Potzblitz'05 GM-Botschafter
2 FC Potzblitz'05 GM-Botschafter
1 FC Potzblitz'05 GM-Botschafter

Liechtenstein Cup champions

Season Team Name Manager Name
5 Sportfreunde Freibier 04 Sardello
4 FC Celtic Ruggell graveworm
3 Goodfellaz FC Sir_Thai
2 Goodfellaz FC Sir_Thai
1 Schellenberger Fussballvögel DerRichter

National Teams

National Team Coaches

World Cup Manager Result
World Cup X Batigool (ongoing)
World Cup IX Batigool Qualification
World Cup VIII speed85 Qualification
World Cup VII speed85 Qualification

U-20 Team Coaches

World Cup Manager Result
U-20 World Cup IX VvJ-Schaaner (ongoing)
U-20 World Cup VIII Turugeno Qualification
U-20 World Cup VII Turugeno Qualification


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