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*    [[Mėlynosios vėliavos]]
*    [[Mėlynosios vėliavos]]
*    [[FC MST]]
*    [[FC MST]]
*    [[Suvalkai]]
*    [[Suvalkai]] (3)
*    [[Marguciai]]
== Cup champions ==
== Cup champions ==

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NT U-20 Lithuania

NT U-21 Lithuania

NT Lithuania

Hattrick Country
Location of Lithuania (link to Google map)
Wikipedia page
Currency Litas
Litas = 0.25€
Time zone Hattrick Time +1
Continent: [[Europe]]
Lithuania HT Country
[[Northern Europe]]
Number of regions: 10
Current local season: 9
Number of teams:
(~ active)
10920 (Active 3352)
Level of series: 6
Top series name: A Lyga
National cups: Lietuvos taurė (main)
Lietuva Emerald Cup (challenger)
Lietuva Ruby Cup (challenger)
Lietuva Sapphire Cup (challenger)
Lietuva Consolation Cup (third tier)
National teams

Lithuania is a country in North-eastern Europe by the Baltic sea. In Hattrick Lithuania exists since 2003-07-08.


Lithuania as all new leagues started with 168 teams in summer of 2003.

Lithuanian Staff

Lithuanian Staff members:

Top Federations

The biggest Lithuanian federations are HT-Lietuva, Žalgirio Fanai and Taktiku federacija (LT).

League champions

Cup champions


External links

Northern Europe

Denmark (Danmark) · Estonia (Eesti) · Faroe Islands (Føroyar) · Finland (Suomi) · Iceland (Ísland) · Latvia (Latvija) · Lithuania (Lietuva) · Norway (Norge) · Sweden (Sverige)