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Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track is an Belgian football club based in Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium. Since the foundation of the club, Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track have had 6 full-time managers. The current manager is Albert-Pierre Dethier, who took over from Oscar Bertolè on 21 July 2018.

The longest-serving manager of Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track is Oscar Bertolè, leading the club for 13 full seasons.

Managerial History

  • Lieven Coucke Belgium (From 21-01-2009 to 22-01-2009)

Coucke, the original manager of the squad upon creation, was replaced already after his first day of work. Not having been able to prove himself, it remains unclear if a major coaching talent was lost.

  • Kamil Haddad Spain (From 22-01-2009 to 28-12-2009)

A lot was expected, and Kamil immediately proved himself as he led Lokomotiv to a perfect season in his first season in charge, promoting to division 8. After this, he guided the team also to a promotion to division 7 after two seasons in division 8. With this promotion, he also announced his retirement as he wanted to quit as a football coach. He remains active as the Player Union Representative.

  • Matías Roldán Argentina (From 28-12-2009 to 20-02-2012)

Only 30 years of age and younger than some players at the time of signing. Different opinions surrounded the coming of Roldán, some claim he needed more experience, others said he was a coach with potential for the future. Just like Haddad before him, he quit as head coach after guiding the team to promotion. Guiding Lokomotiv for 7 whole seasons, Roldán helped the team rise two divisions from VII to V, although facing one relegation in between.

  • Roland Angèle France (From 20-02-2012 to 04-08-2014)

Angèle was brought to the club with the idea that he had the experience that Roldán lacked. Coming in at 55 years of age, he was no less that 18 years older than Roldán at that point in time! With Lokomotiv playing their inaugural season in what appeared a tough division V.124, his experience was much needed. Angèle needed two seasons two win promotion and then kept Lokomotiv Veltem safely in IV.6 for six seasons.

  • Oscar Bertolè Italy (From 04-08-2014 to 21-07-2018)

Although he had initally been signed on a played licence at only 36 years of age, Bertolè had been predestined to become the next coach, with Angèle finding in him the leadership skills required to become his successor. Two seasons later, Angèle found the time right to hand over the reign to Bertolè.

  • Albert-Pierre Dethier Belgium (Since 21-07-2018)

After suffering a career-ending arm fracture, Dethier remained for one extra season as an assistant coach under Bertolè, before finally taking over. At that point, Dethier had been at the team for 23 seasons already and had grown naturally to the leader of the team.


Information correct up to and including global season 74. Only competitive matches are counted.

Table headers
  • Nationality – The manager's nationality.
  • From – The date/glabal season of the manager's first game for Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track.
  • To – The date/glabal season of the manager's last game for Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track.
  • P – The number of games managed for Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track.
  • W – The number of games won as a manager.
  • D – The number of games draw as a manager.
  • L – The number of games lost as a manager.
  • GF – The number of goals scored under his management.
  • GA – The number of goals conceded under his management.
  • Win% – The total winning percentage under his management.
  • Honours – The trophies won while managing Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track.
  • (n/a) = Information not available
  • p = Player-manager
List of Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track managers
Image Name Nationality From (Date) To (Date) From (Season) To (Season) M W D L GF GA Win% Honours
Lieven Coucke  Belgium 21 January 2009 22 January 2009 Season 37, Week 16 Season 37, Week 16 0 0 0 0 0 0 N/A
Kamil Haddad.jpg Kamil Haddad  España 22 January 2009 28 December 2009 Season 37, Week 16 Season 40, Week 16 45 37 2 6 204 34 82.22 VIII.381 (season 40)IX.24 (season 38)
Matías Roldán.jpg Matías Roldán  Argentina 28 December 2009 20 February 2012 Season 40, Week 16 Season 48, Week 1 115 74 11 30 338 151 64.35 VI.41 (season 47)VI.41 (season 44)VII.718 (season 43)
Roland Angèle.jpg Roland Angèlep  France 20 February 2012 4 August 2014 Season 48, Week 1 Season 55, Week 16 154 93 18 43 441 249 60.39 V.124 (season 49)
Oscar Bertolè.jpg Oscar Bertolèp  Italia 4 August 2014 21 July 2018 Season 55, Week 16 Season 68, Week 15 261 135 26 100 679 415 51.72 VI.89 (season 61)
Albert-Pierre Dethier.png Albert-Pierre Dethier  Belgium 21 July 2018 Present Season 68, Week 15 Present 115 80 5 30 528 148 69.57 VI.87 (season 73)VI.87 (season 69)

Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track Managers
Coucke (37) • Haddad (38–40) • Roldán (41–47) • Angèle (48–55) • Bertolè (56–68) • Dethier (69–76) • LiatosC (76) • Priebe (76–)
(c) = caretaker manager

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