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Celebrity players, or players in Hattrick with the name of a real-life celebrity, have long been a popular commodity in Hattrick. Teams are willing to spend $100k just to have a player with a celebrity name on their team, however obscure the reference.

International Celebrities

These are the celebrities that are international icons, like Madonna for instance.
Sean Connery The original James Bond, and a very well-known actor (7660926)
Michael Jordan One of the greatest basketball players ever (4055107)
John Lennon From The Beatles (58963286)
Paul Mccartney From The Beatles (42032093)
George Harrison From The Beatles (13259877)

Celebrities exclusive to a country or region

These celebrities aren't internationally famous, but they are quite famous in certain areas of the world.

Latin America

Enrique Iglesias Latin Pop Star (75151573)


Mel Gibson Hollywood Actor/Director (24131390)
Mike Tyson Boxer from the USA (38589956)
George Washington Forefather of the USA (80146800)
Brad Pitt Hollywood Actor (48665275)
Bruce Lee Kung Fu Icon (44619255)
Jon Stewart Host of The Daily Show; Possibly the most loved and most hated man in the USA at the same time (47508820)

Fictional Characters

These aren't really celebrities, but fictional characters, though many of them are just as famous as the other celebrities.
Homer Simpson from The Simpsons (Extinct)
Dorian Gray from Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray (52766376)
Bart Simpson from The Simpsons (75793518) and (34882792)

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