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Celebrity players, or players in Hattrick with the name of a real-life celebrity, have long been a popular commodity in Hattrick. Teams are willing to spend $100k just to have a player with a celebrity name on their team, however obscure the reference.

International Celebrities

These are the celebrities that are international icons, like Madonna for instance.

Sean Connery The original James Bond, and a very well-known actor (7660926)
Michael Jordan One of the greatest basketball players ever (4055107)
John Lennon From The Beatles (58963286)
Paul Mccartney From The Beatles (42032093)
George Harrison From The Beatles (13259877)
Martin Gore From Depeche Mode (72080010)
Diego Armando Maradona Argentinian Football Mogul (12468114)

Celebrities exclusive to a country or region

These celebrities aren't internationally famous, but they are quite famous in certain areas of the world. Players are indexed by their country of origin, unless they hold an office in a different country and they are considerably more famous in that country.


Carlos Gardel Famous tango singer (55203369)
Carlos Saúl Menem President of Argentina 1989-1999 (115182880)
Che Guevara Famous Guerillia Fighter (58847264)
David Nalbandian Tennis Player (119861043)
Diego Armando Maradona Greatest football player of all time (12468114)
Gabriel Batistuta Batigol: Famous striker (115545117)
Guillermo Vilas Tenis player (122538636)
Jorge Luis Borges Famous writer (67798282)
Juan Domingo Perón President of Argentina 1946-1955 and 1973-1974 (50825886)
Julio Bocca Famous dancer (50632472)


Mel Gibson Hollywood Actor/Director (24131390)


Vasil Kolarov Prime Minister of Bulgaria from 1949 to 1950 (98768276)
Simeon Sakskoburggotski Also known as Simeon II of Bulgaria, last Tsar of Bulgaria (1943-1946); from 2001 until August 2005 was Bulgarian Prime Minister (27748093)


Marko Babić Croatian footballer, part of Croatian roster for FIFA World Cup in Germany (84015931)

Czech Republic

Vaclav Havel Czech president (1990 - 2002) (124248485)
Vaclav Klaus Czech president (2002 - today) (124241672) and (124300328)
Pavel Nedved captain of Czech Football Team (2002 - 2006), silver medal on Euro Cup 1996, bronze medal on Euro Cup 2004 (124215844)
Josef "Pepi" Bican 1913-2001; legendary czech-austrian striker who scored 643 league goals (78087313)


Steven Gerrard Liverpool F.C. all-star footballer and English national team starter (24623752)
John Terry Chelsea and English national team player (122769106)
Tony Blair Current prime minister, but for how long? Is already immigrated to Argentina... (110215872)
John Major Ex PM showed up for a new career in a team from the USA (74415682)
David Cameron Conservative party leader (2005-) (122655532)
Murray Walker Ex-Formula 1 commentator, switched nationality to American (118860267)
Bill Bailey comedian (121648083)
George Cohen right back in england 1966 world cup winning team (17480487)
Jack Charlton centre back in england 1966 world cup winning team (99461849)
Martin Peters midfield player in england 1966 world winning cup team(111827998)
Roger Hunt striker in england 1966 world cup winning team(10319759)
Ron Atkinson former manchester united manager(60799172)
Alan Shearer All-time top scorer in both Newcastle United F.C. and the Premiership (58377758)
Andy Fordham darts player(90379751)
Sean Long English rugby player(82014475)


Shlomo Arazi Israeli singer (45688987)

Ben Artzi Shlomo Arazi sun and Israeli singer (89177978)

Shuki Nagar (63948060), Pini Balili (82173068), Shimon Gershon (58951081), Liran Shtrauber (91032364), Avi Nimni (78072093), Nir Davidovich (32058254), Arik Benado (47535889), Tamir Cohen (72790990), Liran Cohen (12463071), Avi Strul (77317003), Omri Afek (101934792), Yossi Abuksis (20035894), Ori Malmilyan (66203213), Guy Azuri (86393960), Nir Klinger (97304620) Israeli soccer players, former players and coaches

tal burstein (93492285), Sharon Sason (109449962) Israeli baketball players Pini Gershon (48700377) Israeli baketball team coach David Amsalem (55168915) Israeli baketball team owner

Silvan Shalom (100127566), Yitzhak Shamir (99992240), David Ben-Gurion (99992338), Ariel Sharon (47179495), Shimon Peres (57496070), Amir Pertz (69503165) Israeli politicians and former politicians


Enrique Iglesias Latin Pop Star (75151573)


Johan Cruijff Most famous soccer player from the Netherlands (16252925)
Hermand Brood (1946-2001) Famous artist, painter, poet...(31165182)
Marco van Basten Current coach of dutch soccer team...(13259349)
Gerrit Zalm Dutch minster of Finance (26354460)
Abe Lenstra Famous Frisan player (28419888,22713458)


Pål Strand Lillestrøm S.K. winger in the Norwegian top division (115409348)
John Carew Norwegian striker that play in Lyon (81449150)
Arne Scheie Norwegian football and ski jump commentator (27843135)
Henning Berg Former Norwegian footballer with 100 caps for Norway (15518604)
Ronny Johnsen Norwegian footballer that won the Champions League with Manchester United (130698167)


Władysław Gomułka Polish Communist leader from 1956 to 1970 (54767414)
Lech Kaczyński President of Poland (31727910)
Andrzej Lepper Polish politician, one of the most controversial person in Poland (115605007)
Adam Mickiewicz One of the best-known Polish poets and writers (104060231)


Abimael Guzmán Terrorist leader in Peru" (63924740)


Vladimir Putin Russian President (57633405), (45983824)


Lee McCulloch Wigan and Scotland midfielder(123682134)
Darren Fletcher Manchester United and Scotland midfielder (117494620)

Serbia and Montenegro

Slobodan Milošević President of Serbia (1989-1997) and of Yugoslavia (1997-2000) (86619870)


Fernando Torres Spanish international football player (97716716)


Gareth Bale Welsh international but english on hattrick (8916974)
Craig Bellamy Controversial Welsh International(44211516), (74675793)


Mike Tyson Boxer from the USA (38589956)
George Washington Forefather of the USA (Extinct)
Brad Pitt Hollywood Actor (48665275)
Bruce Lee Kung Fu Icon (44619255)
Jon Stewart Host of The Daily Show; Possibly the most loved and most hated man in the USA at the same time (47508820)
Tom Cruise Hollywood Actor (55573963)
Jack White Singer and Guitarist of The White Stripes (79383552)
Jerry Cantrell Guitarist and Singer of Alice in Chains (48347237)
Will Ferrell Hollywood Actor (112906408)
Tony Parker Famous french basketball's player (21953197)
Viggo Mortensen Famous actor of "the lord of the rings" (94608356)
Curtis Jackson aka 50-cent(10301550)


Norman Morrison On November 2, 1965 he committed suicide by self-immolation to protest the United States involvement in the Vietnam War (58745545)

Fictional Characters

These aren't really celebrities, but fictional characters, though many of them are just as famous as the other celebrities.

Homer Simpson from The Simpsons — had a U.S. national team cap and a special memorable moments entry (Extinct)
Dorian Gray from Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray (52766376)
Bart Simpson from The Simpsons (75793518) and (34882792)
Al Bundy Love Polke High and played football (41964160)
Harry Potter from the series of books by J.K. Rowling (10315054)
Freddy Krueger fictional character from the Nightmare on Elm Street series of horror films (10352435)
Peter Parker The civilian name of Spider-Man (96615443)
Will Parry Character of the trilogy "His Dark Materials" (79251090)
John Connor Last hope of the humans in "terminator" (109417103)
Kyle Rees Father of John Connor and only human to have travelled the time in "terminator" (95636722)
Fernando Sucre From "Prison Break" (83971021)

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