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| [[FC Livurhøgg]] || Cup/League || [[Føroyar]] || align="center" | {{Flag/FRO}}
| [[FC Livurhøgg]] || Cup/League || [[Føroyar]] || align="center" | {{Flag/FRO}}
| [[Farim Flash]] || Cup || [[Ghana]] || align="center" | {{Flag/GHA}}
| [[Steaua Esthapica]] || Cup || [[Guatemala]] || align="center" | {{Flag/GUA}}
| [[Steaua Esthapica]] || Cup || [[Guatemala]] || align="center" | {{Flag/GUA}}
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| [[Borderliners]] || League || Prathet Thai || align="center" | {{Flag/THA}}
| [[Borderliners]] || League || Prathet Thai || align="center" | {{Flag/THA}}
| [[Farim Flash]] || Cup || [[Republic of Ghana]] || align="center" | {{Flag/GHA}}
| [[fc nekroz]] || Cup/League || [[Republica Dominicana]] || align="center" | {{Flag/DOM}}
| [[fc nekroz]] || Cup/League || [[Republica Dominicana]] || align="center" | {{Flag/DOM}}

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The 193 participants of Hattrick Masters VII are:

Team Via Country Flag
King Akre Cup/League Al Iraq Template:Flag/IRQ
Atlético Mexx Cup/League Al Jazair Template:Flag/ALG
Ac Jassem Cup/League Al Kuwayt Template:Flag/KUW
RCD Cup/League Al Maghrib Template:Flag/MAR
Constantine F.C. Cup Al Urdun Template:Flag/JOR
Nabuls_FC League Al Urdun Template:Flag/JOR
Steaua d'Arinsal Cup Andorra Template:Flag/AND
Sispony F.C. League Andorra Template:Flag/AND
AC AS Cup Angola Template:Flag/ANG
AC LUANDA League Angola Template:Flag/ANG
Blueff F.C. Cup Argentina Template:Flag/ARG
PALUMBO FC League Argentina Template:Flag/ARG
Baku Avengers Cup Azərbaycan Template:Flag/AZE
Shirinli AC League Azərbaycan Template:Flag/AZE
Nirdeth bahrain Cup/League Bahrain Template:Flag/BHR
Indomitables Cup/League Bangladesh Template:Flag/BAN
Jamestown Flying Fish Cup/League Barbados Template:Flag/BRB
FC Boars Cup/League Belarus Template:Flag/BLR
spiroezie Cup België Template:Flag/BEL
FC GOUDENPLOEG League België Template:Flag/BEL
f.c.baraka Cup Bolivia Template:Flag/BOL
Y2K F.C. League Bolivia Template:Flag/BOL
NK Đerzelez Cup Bosna i Hercegovina Template:Flag/BIH
NK Jedinstvo League Bosna i Hercegovina Template:Flag/BIH
Deuses Do Olimpo Cup Brasil Template:Flag/BRA
Xeq Matt League Brasil Template:Flag/BRA
Pulpudeva Cup Bulgaria Template:Flag/BUL
Sini Zverove League Bulgaria Template:Flag/BUL
heróis Cup/League Cabo Verde Template:Flag/CPV
Thoroughbreds Cup Canada Template:Flag/CAN
Alderwood Chiefs League Canada Template:Flag/CAN
Diesel 1. FC Cup Česká republika Template:Flag/CZE
AC Ziky team League Česká republika Template:Flag/CZE
SERENAGUANTE Cup Chile Template:Flag/CHI
Deportivo Flecha League Chile Template:Flag/CHI
Chelsea Blues FC Cup China Template:Flag/CHN
stushoot League China Template:Flag/CHN
shuangshou Cup/League Chinese Taipei Template:Flag/TPE
MOCHACABEZAS Cup Colombia Template:Flag/COL
Guarilaqueiros League Colombia Template:Flag/COL
-Alberto- Cup Costa Rica Template:Flag/CRC
LoQuIlLo F.C League Costa Rica Template:Flag/CRC
les éléphants Cup/League Côte d'Ivoire Template:Flag/CIV
Bisevo Cup/League Crna Gora Template:Flag/MON
FC Red Dwarf Cup Cymru Template:Flag/WAL
Victoria Park FC League Cymru Template:Flag/WAL
Knights of Cyprus Cup Cyprus Template:Flag/CYP
Val tou Rigani League Cyprus Template:Flag/CYP
FC Café Ubåden Cup Danmark Template:Flag/DEN
KenveloGlamour League Danmark Template:Flag/DEN
Boca JBA Cup Deutschland Template:Flag/GER
Tantris Shanghai League Deutschland Template:Flag/GER
NelsonstarS Cup/League Ecuador Template:Flag/ECU
Lazybones Cup/League Eesti Template:Flag/EST
Club Atletico Santaneco Juniors Cup/League El Salvador Template:Flag/SLV
Holy Rollers Cup England Template:Flag/ENG
Potato Heads League England Template:Flag/ENG
Otso Gorriak Cup España Template:Flag/ESP
CN$ League España Template:Flag/ESP
beppowaaaar Cup France Template:Flag/FRA
Kastelin League France Template:Flag/FRA
FC Livurhøgg Cup/League Føroyar Template:Flag/FRO
Steaua Esthapica Cup Guatemala Template:Flag/GUA
siete 44 League Guatemala Template:Flag/GUA
Soju United Cup Hanguk Template:Flag/KOR
Deail Palace Eagles League Hanguk Template:Flag/KOR
FC Bananc Cup Hayastan Template:Flag/ARM
FC Vohmak League Hayastan Template:Flag/ARM
Blackburn Roses Cup Hellas Template:Flag/GRE
SC Alexander League Hellas Template:Flag/GRE
LiBeRtADoReS FC. Cup Honduras Template:Flag/HON
Nöibärn League Honduras Template:Flag/HON
Liverpool Football Club (1892) Cup/League Hong Kong Template:Flag/HKG
VIva LuDež Cup Hrvatska Template:Flag/CRO
Siget Sheiks League Hrvatska Template:Flag/CRO
cowabunga kickers Cup India Template:Flag/IND
Scarlet Devils League India Template:Flag/IND
Sterine FC Cup Indonesia Template:Flag/IDN
Bakpau League Indonesia Template:Flag/IDN
Barghe Sepasi Cup Iran Template:Flag/IRN
Ajax Persia League Iran Template:Flag/IRN
GB Rovers Cup/League Ireland Template:Flag/IRL
KF Rottenton Cup Ísland Template:Flag/ISL
Hung United League Ísland Template:Flag/ISL
Hapoel Nahariya Cup/League Israel Template:Flag/ISR
Saints Regia Cup Italia Template:Flag/ITA
Mantova 1994 League Italia Template:Flag/ITA
kingston lokomotiv Cup/League Jamaica Template:Flag/JAM
FC Uralsk Cup/League Kazakhstan Template:Flag/KAZ
eastleigh Cup Kenya Template:Flag/KEN
Nairobi CF League Kenya Template:Flag/KEN
Otek BA Cup Kyrgyzstan Template:Flag/KGZ
Roozers League Kyrgyzstan Template:Flag/KGZ
FK Pirates Cup Latvija Template:Flag/LVA
SX 200 League Latvija Template:Flag/LVA
Erster Im Ländchen Cup Lëtzebuerg Template:Flag/LUX
Belair Allstars League Lëtzebuerg Template:Flag/LUX
QCM-Kickers Escha Cup/League Liechtenstein Template:Flag/LIE
ukininkai Cup Lietuva Template:Flag/LTU
Straikeris League Lietuva Template:Flag/LTU
Tarabeesh Sawa Cup/League Lubnan Template:Flag/LIB
garristop Cup/League Magyarország Template:Flag/HUN
PELISTER BAIR Cup Makedonija Template:Flag/MKD
Ohrid League Makedonija Template:Flag/MKD
PeeJay Reds Cup Malaysia Template:Flag/MAS
tamo fc League Malaysia Template:Flag/MAS
Mellieha Knights Cup Malta Template:Flag/MLT
Monty's Gang League Malta Template:Flag/MLT
Tigres F.C. Cup México Template:Flag/MEX
Palomas Turbo League México Template:Flag/MEX
Skippers FC Cup Misr Template:Flag/EGY
Egyptham United League Misr Template:Flag/EGY
Zimbabwe Fc Cup Moçambique Template:Flag/MOZ
Gentlemen of Fortune Cup Moldova Template:Flag/MDA
FC Balaurii League Moldova Template:Flag/MDA
nomadic League Mongol Uls Template:Flag/MGL
Mokkels United Cup Nederland Template:Flag/NED
Ruckers Utd. League Nederland Template:Flag/NED
Bobzbie FC Cup Negara Brunei Darussalam Template:Flag/BRU
Formula 1 Cup/League Nicaragua Template:Flag/NCA
Ago Iwoye Cup/League Nigeria Template:Flag/NGA
Kawasaki Tigers Cup Nippon Template:Flag/JPN
united min League Nippon Template:Flag/JPN
Trondheim Thunder Cup Norge Template:Flag/NOR
Nordby League Norge Template:Flag/NOR
Ballynahinch FC Cup Northern Ireland Template:Flag/NIR
Duffus' Devils League Northern Ireland Template:Flag/NIR
Schlappekickerhausen Cup Oceania Template:Flag/OCE
FC Sudtirol Alto Adige League Oceania Template:Flag/OCE
Vienna Warlords Cup Österreich Template:Flag/AUT
1. Grafenegger Landsockerei League Österreich Template:Flag/AUT
Publik Hysterik Cup Pakistan Template:Flag/PAK
Saads Football Club League Pakistan Template:Flag/PAK
$¢øřþïøn F.C. Cup/League Panamá Template:Flag/PAN
Potzes Masters Cup Paraguay Template:Flag/PAR
Sport Latita League Paraguay Template:Flag/PAR
Camiseta Blanquirroja Cup Perú Template:Flag/PER
hlv86 League Perú Template:Flag/PER
Philippine Nationals FC Cup/League Philippines Template:Flag/PHI
Ratlerki Cup Polska Template:Flag/POL
Romasz League Polska Template:Flag/POL
Teamaço Cup Portugal Template:Flag/POR
Fon Utd FC League Portugal Template:Flag/POR
DLM Cambodia Cup Prateh Kampuchea Template:Flag/CAM
Thirdwave United. Cup Prathet Thai Template:Flag/THA
Borderliners League Prathet Thai Template:Flag/THA
Farim Flash Cup Republic of Ghana Template:Flag/GHA
fc nekroz Cup/League Republica Dominicana Template:Flag/DOM
Super_Stars Cup România Template:Flag/ROU
MTigers League România Template:Flag/ROU
Zapadlo 13 Cup Rossiya Template:Flag/RUS
Spartak Shelkovo League Rossiya Template:Flag/RUS
Khinkali Saburtalo Cup/League Sakartvelo Template:Flag/GEO
Sadous Cup Saudi Arabia Template:Flag/KSA
SC Buochs Cup Schweiz Template:Flag/SUI
Niederdorf United League Schweiz Template:Flag/SUI
INCHES ATHLETIC Cup/League Scotland Template:Flag/SCO
The blacksmith Cup Sénégal Template:Flag/SEN
Real Mariste FC League Sénégal Template:Flag/SEN
TEUTA MILAN Cup/League Shqiperia Template:Flag/ALB
Rollin' Thunder Cup Singapore Template:Flag/SIN
Chemistry League Singapore Template:Flag/SIN
Dead Boy's Poem Cup/League Slovenija Template:Flag/SVN
Qirin Cup Slovensko Template:Flag/SVK
FC Slovan Zalesie League Slovensko Template:Flag/SVK
The Darker Side Cup South Africa Template:Flag/RSA
GP Warriors League South Africa Template:Flag/RSA
FK Zupanica Cup Srbija Template:Flag/SER
Zlatics League Srbija Template:Flag/SER
Myllypuron Pallo Cup Suomi Template:Flag/FIN
FC Vompatti League Suomi Template:Flag/FIN
Sin City Scorpio's Cup Suriname Template:Flag/SUR
Leiding United League Suriname Template:Flag/SUR
tagestass Cup Sverige Template:Flag/SWE
LA Hookers League Sverige Template:Flag/SWE
Sfax AC Cup Tounes Template:Flag/TUN
Tunisie Olympic League Tounes Template:Flag/TUN
Hasel FC Cup Trinidad & Tobago Template:Flag/TRI
Wes Side Connection League Trinidad & Tobago Template:Flag/TRI
Sakalkan Cats Cup/League Türkiye Template:Flag/TUR
Traktorist Cup Ukraina Template:Flag/UKR
FC Granit League Ukraina Template:Flag/UKR
The Dementors Cup Uman Template:Flag/OMA
Muechande League Uman Template:Flag/OMA
Kojak United Cup United Arab Emirates Template:Flag/UAE
Abu Dhabi Humidity League United Arab Emirates Template:Flag/UAE
Bitels Cup Uruguay Template:Flag/URU
Malvinaurinegro League Uruguay Template:Flag/URU
Speaker City Cup USA Template:Flag/USA
Stiinta United League USA Template:Flag/USA
beltxis Cup/League Venezuela Template:Flag/VEN
Boy De Cup Vietnam Template:Flag/VIE
CSG_FC League Vietnam Template:Flag/VIE