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Disambiguation icon.png This page describes the long shot special event. For other uses of Long shot, see Long shot (disambiguation)

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The long shot is a special event created by converting normal match chances. The conversion is randomy generated by the match engine, but you can use Long shots tactics to increase your odds to have one (or more) in a match.

All long shot events, including missed opportunities, are included in the match report.

A long shot event can be foiled by pressing tactics like any normal chance.

To receive a long shot

The long shot event can be assigned to any field player, but twice as likely to midfielder or winger.

Role Probability to receive
the long shot
Inner Midfielders 19,44%
Wingers 17,00%
Wing Backs   9,23%
Defender   8,82%
Forwards   8,17%

Furthermore, the success of a goal does not depend on the scoring of the teams, but on the skills of the shooting player (scoring and set pieces) and of the opponent's goalkeeper (defending and set pieces). Remember that for both, the shooting player and the goalie, they need both of these abilities and it is better to have both of them at the same level, even if lower, than to have only one at a very high level.

To score a long shot

The higher are your player’s scoring and set pieces the better chance he has to score on this event.

(Scoring multiplied Set Pieces )
Probability to score
the long shot
000-025 ~5%
025-050 ~12%
050-075 ~23%
075-100 ~33%
100-125 ~44%
125-150 ~55%
150-175 ~66%
175-200 ~77%
200-225 ~88%

Any player can score a long shot, but, due to his high scoring skill, a forward is probably the one most likely to.