MKS Lewart Lubartów

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MKS Lewart Lubartów (873655)
managed by madimaxerimus
Full Name MKS Lewart Lubartów
Nickname Biało-niebiescy


Founded July 12th, 2005
Location Lubelskie, Polska
Arena MOSiR Lubartów

30 000 seats

Coach Johannes Dalgren
League none
updated on: 05-04-2020

MKS Lewart Lubartów was a polish hattrick club, managed by madimaxerimus from 12.07.2005 to 10.02.2008. Called MKS_Lewart_Lubartow in the beginning, club has changed name after two seasons. Their greatest achievement was to win Polish League VII.1022 in 17th Season.

Club history

14th Season - 6th place in VIII.901

For Lewart competition was harsh, as madimaxerimus took control over club after 7th round starting on last, 8th place. During this period new manager had no clue about neither tactics or training, so after 3 lost games in a row there was a little chance to do anything to improve club position in league standings. However, a breakthrough moment was 2-0 win with białeczka (two goals by Paweł Wierzycki), which started serie of 5 wins in a row, that helped to finish season on 6th place with only 1 point loss to team above.

Basic lineup: Guajardo - Zdonek, Baliga, Narkun - Kapciak, Stasiulewicz, Roháč (c), Koks, Kubiciel - Wille, Jąder

Top scorer: Hansruedi Wille - 5 goals

15th Season - 2nd place in VIII.901 (promotion)

Basic lineup: Ohms - Gavard, Hassler, Iversen - Magoń, Damsbo, Roháč, Buchler, Sarracanta - Kuntz (c), Kapciak

Top scorer: Maciej Kapciak - 18 goals

16th Season - 3rd place in VII.1022

Basic lineup: Chapaev (c) - Ntemiris, Fremy, Kupfer - Jacobi, Durusoy, Rose, Omoforte, Sarracanta - Aldea, Castel

Top scorer: Edi Aldea - 6 goals

17th Season - 1st place in VII.1022 (promotion)

Basic lineup: Chapaev - Laschi, Simányi, Seccia - Ntemiris, Garde, Omoforte, Durusoy, Sarracanta - Aldea, Rothenburgsort (c)

Top scorer: Günter Rothenburgsort - 6 goals

18th Season - 4th place in VI.963

Basic lineup: Chapaev - Dalgren (c), Gilliam, Filochowski - Sarracanta, Durusoy, Kupfer, Omoforte, Ntemiris - Ivascu, Achim

Top scorer: Daniel Ivascu - 7 goals

19th Season - 5th place in VI.963

Basic lineup: Chapaev (c) - Costa, Szarka, Burguete - Sarracanta, Fremy, Rose, Garde, Budych - Rewicki, Ivascu

Top scorer: Daniel Ivascu - 10 goals

20th Season - 4th place in VI.963

Basic lineup: Chapaev - Costa, Dalgren (c), Tereba - Sarracanta, Garde, Rose, Fremy, Budych - Gavaldà, Ivascu

21st Season - 7th place in VI.963 (relegation)

Basic lineup: Turzyński - Sołtysiński, Bijak, Rogaliński, Karyś, Hrozen - Rębas, Oblizajek, Gnat (c) - Weidenmann, Brzdącel

22nd Season - 2nd place in VII.33 (promotion)

Basic lineup: Turzyński - Bijak, Rogaliński, Serrano, Karyś, Hrozen - Larsen (c), Rębas, Oblizajek - Weidenmann, Brzdącel

Top scorer: Marlon Weidenmann - 12 goals


  • Club was named after real-life MKS Lewart Lubartów, which was founded in 1923 and currently plays in Polish IV liga of Lubelskie region (5th level of Polish football league system).