MLS Fed Open Cup

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This is the MLS Fed Open Cup page for the Major League Soccer Federation (AllianceID:11104). This information can also be found on the federation wiki home page.

MLS Fed Open Cup

The federation holds MLS Open Cup towards the middle of league play, usually after week 7. The cup has been ongoing for 7 consecutive seasons, with the most dominant team by far being Diablos SC, who won the first four cups in a row, and was runner up in the sixth edition.


Cup # & Season Champion (id) Runner Up (id) Score Venue Attendance Winner
I (29) Diablos SC (8254) ramblers_fc (223370) 2-0 North Aurora Activity Center 1,515 Home
II (30) Diablos SC (8254) Left Behind (Disbanded) 3-1 North Aurora Activity Center 3,000 Home
III (31) Diablos SC (8254) Fox Valley Kickers F.C. (224147) 2-0 North Aurora Activity Center 2,817 Away
IV (32) Diablos SC (8254) DC Untied (222385) 2-1 North Aurora Activity Center 1,619 Home
V (33) Metros (225287) North Aurora Athletic Club (222650) 3-2 The PugHorns Arena 1,005 Away
VI (34) Admiral 1775 (226950) Diablos SC (8254) 4-1 Jaime Moreno Park 1,716 Away
VII (35) DC Untied (222385) Admiral 1775 (226950) 5-0 North Aurora Activity Center 1,675 Home

Scoring Leaders

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