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MVV Amsterdam (209809)
managed by Timoow
Full name MVV Amsterdam
Nickname Team-O
Founded May 3, 2007
Ground Garuda Stadium(Capacity: 20 000)
Location Utrecht, Nederland
Fanclub The Eagles
Coach Hüseyin Türkçü
League VIII.448
Place Currently 1st
updated on: 18th of February 2009

MVV Amsterdam is a Hattrick footballteam from Nederland, based at the Garuda Stadium in Utrecht. This team, founded on the 3rd of May 2007, currently plays in the VIII.448 and takes the 1st place in this division. It started it's career in the IX.546 .

Team History

Season League KNVB Beker Trophies
21 8th in IX.546 not qualified none
22 1st in X.3265 not qualified Division X.PNG
23 2nd in IX.198 not qualified none
24 6th in VIII.448 1st round none
25 5th in VIII.448 1st round none
26 5th in VIII.448 1st round none

Logo History

MVV A'dam Logo's.JPG

The manager Timoow isn't a HT-supporter himself, which means he can't create a logo on a official Hattrick way. That's why Timoow had to use his own creativity and he has created the very first logo. This logo is created on the 8th of June, 2007. It includes the star of MVV and has the "Amsterdam" from the Ajax' logo. This logo is based on the current Feyenoord logo.

The second logo looks a lot like the 1st logo, but only includes the MVV Amsterdam club colors. The red and the black with the regonizable star in the middle. Very soon the current logo was created from this one.


As a Dutch club, MVV Amsterdam had (and has) quite a lot Dutch players. But they do have players from all over the world.

Current Squad

Tenues home and out
  1. Template:Flag/ITA Amancio Jons
  2. Template:Flag/NED Klaas-Jan Eilders
  3. Template:Flag/NED Henry van der Kraan
  4. Template:Flag/ITA Niccolò Trivellin
  5. Template:Flag/SCO James Arrol
  6. Template:Flag/SUI Isaak Bartels
  7. Template:Flag/NED Wiebrand Hoogenboom
  8. Template:Flag/SCO Anderson Harold
  9. Template:Flag/NED Geert Dorren
  10. Template:Flag/ENG Anthony Rotenberg
  11. Template:Flag/NED Bert Cozijnsen


  1. Template:Flag/BEL Augustijn Jeannet
  2. Template:Flag/NED Martien Backbier
  3. Template:Flag/NED Han Lunenburg
  4. Template:Flag/ENG Luke Skinner
  5. Template:Flag/NED Jamie Hautemann

Famous Players

Retired Numbers

All players ever

1-15 16-30 31-45
Template:Flag/NED Allard den Dikken Template:Flag/NED Han Lunenburg Template:Flag/DEN Morten Theisen
Template:Flag/BEL Alphonse de Coligny Template:Flag/NED Hanna Haddad Mufid Template:Flag/ITA Niccolò Trivellin
Template:Flag/CHI Amancio Jons Template:Flag/NED Henry van der Kraan Template:Flag/NED Otto Renselaar
Template:Flag/SCO Anderson Harold Template:Flag/SCO James Arrol Template:Flag/NED Paul Rood
Template:Flag/ROU Anton Agache Template:Flag/NED Jamie Hautemann Template:Flag/NED Rainier Boerboom
Template:Flag/BEL Augustijn Jeannet Template:Flag/NED Jan-Hein Hielckert Template:Flag/NED Randy van der Tuin
Template:Flag/NED Bert Cozijnsen Template:Flag/NED Jan-Paul van Nistelrooy Template:Flag/NED Reinder Korenwinder
Template:Flag/ARG Carlos Fernando de Monte Template:Flag/NED Klaas-Jan Eilders Template:Flag/POL Stanislaw Didyk
Template:Flag/POR Carlos Fortes Template:Flag/ENG Luke Skinner Template:Flag/NED Timme Scholten
Template:Flag/ENG Clemens Bailey Template:Flag/NED Luuk Biesterveld Template:Flag/PER Tomàs Lugo
Template:Flag/NED Darren Görtzen Template:Flag/NED Marc-Marie Bromet Template:Flag/NED Watze Holtkamp
Template:Flag/NED Duncan Stevens Template:Flag/NED Martien Backbier Template:Flag/NED Wiebrand Hoogenboom
Template:Flag/NED Eldert Burgher Template:Flag/BEL Mathurin Pernel Template:Flag/NED Yip Baart
Template:Flag/NED Fritz Buursink Template:Flag/NED Matthé van Krimpen Template:Flag/ENG Anthony Rotenberg
Template:Flag/NED Geert Dorren Template:Flag/NED Maurice Tiggelaar Template:Flag/NED Glenn Janson



Club Topscorers


Player # Goals
Template:Flag/NED Jamie Hautemann Goldenboot X.gif 48
Template:Flag/NED Rainier Boerboom 29
Template:Flag/ARG Carlos Fernando de Monte 28
Template:Flag/ENG Anthony Rotenberg 26
Template:Flag/NED Klaas-Jan Eilders 24
Template:Flag/ENG Luke Skinner 22
Template:Flag/NED Geert Dorren 20
Template:Flag/NED Han Lunenburg 20
Template:Flag/ITA Niccolò Trivellin 14
Template:Flag/NED Otto Renselaar 12

Per Season

#Season Player #Goals Ranking
21 Template:Flag/NED Rainier Boerboom 2
22 Template:Flag/NED Jamie Hautemann 21 Goldenboot X.gif
23 Template:Flag/ARG Carlos Fernando de Monte Template:Flag/NED Rainier Boerboom 9 3rd
24 Template:Flag/ITA Niccolò Trivellin Template:Flag/NED Jamie Hautemann 8 6th
25 Template:Flag/ENG Luke Skinner Template:Flag/ENG Anthony Rotenberg 7
26 Template:Flag/ENG Anthony Rotenberg 12 3rd


The Stadium

Garuda Stadion

An air photo

The Garuda Stadion (literally: Eagle Stadium) is the official Stadium of MVV Amsterdam. It's settled in the busy centre of Utrecht. The capacity of this stadium is 20 000. MVV Amsterdam started with a capacity of a little 12 000. This meant that the stadium wass sold out every week. The management of Timoow rearranged a bigger stadium. They wanted to accomplish a Stadium with a capacity of 20 000. That meant there wouldbe 67% more seats! They started building on the 12th of October. The hard work finished on the 26th of October.

Stadium songs

At the start of every game, and in the half-time, the whole stadium lulls with the song "La Donna e mobilé" from the Italian Opera "Rigoletto".


Newest Team-O logo

MVV Amsterdam's youth district is called "Team-O" after their manager Timoow. Team-O played it's first match on the 4th of June 2007, when the team only consisted a bunch of school kids. Egidius de Baat was the first captain of the team ever.

Raised Players

  • Allard den Dikken winger
  • Martien Backbier central defender
  • Reinder Korenwinder wing back
  • Bert Cozijnsen forward
  • Tim Okken forward

Players outside MVV Amsterdam

Player Position Team Transfer money
Template:Flag/NED Duncan Stevens midfielder Template:Flag/ITA Bubba Fish € 1 000
Template:Flag/NED Siedo de Ruijter back Template:Flag/FRA Sebolympique € 4 000
Template:Flag/NED Julius Lutten back Template:Flag/NED FC De Neel € 200 000
Template:Flag/NED Glenn Janson goalie Template:Flag/SWE Timolandia € 600 000
Template:Flag/NED Jan-Hein Hielckert goalie Template:Flag/IRN Moji United € 1 000
Template:Flag/NED Jurre Wapernaar striker Template:Flag/HUN bdortmund € 1 000
Template:Flag/NED Vince de Wael midfielder Template:Flag/ENG Falters Reckoning € 32 280
Template:Flag/NED Lou Vles goalie Template:Flag/ITA A.C. Milan92 € 10 000
Template:Flag/NED Giancarlo Okken midfielder Template:Flag/BRA Baratinhas F. C. € 209 000
Template:Flag/NED Alexander Elburg midfielder Template:Flag/BUL Dunapren € 1 000


Last ten

Player Bought Transfer money Player Sold Transfer money
Template:Flag/NED Vince de Wael + € 32 280
Template:Flag/NED Anton Agache + € 99 000
Template:Flag/NED Jurre Wapernaar + € 1 000
Template:Flag/NED Jan-Hein Hielckert + € 1 000
Template:Flag/POR Carlos Fortes + € 30 000
Template:Flag/NED Glenn Janson + € 600 000
Template:Flag/DEN Morten Theisen + € 75 000
Template:Flag/ITA Gustavo Chiarelli - € 1 000
Template:Flag/NED Henry van der Kraan - € 614 000
Template:Flag/NED Jean-Marie Venneker + € 400 000

Biggest sold

Player Position Transfer money
Glenn Janson Goalie € 600 000
Tomás Lugo Defender € 600 000
Jean-Marie Venneker Defender € 400 000

Biggest bought

Player Position Transfer money
Isaak Bartels Midfielder € 1 050 000
Henry van der Kraan Defender € 614 000
Wiebrand Hoogenboom Midfielder € 553 000
Niccolò Trivellin Defender € 553 000


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