Maccabi Zigdon

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Maccabi Zigdon (153141)
Maccabi Zigdon Logo
Managed by MELAFEFON-omerzigdon

LocationRamat Hasharon Israel
ArenaThe Fortress Arena
Fan ClubZigdon Force

UniformZigdon.PNGMaccabi Zigdon was founded by Omer Zidgon (HT-Username: MELAFEFON-omerzigdon) on 21.05.2005. The team trained playmaking on it's first 5 seasons. Afterwards, the team changed it's training to Defending. Maccabi Zigdon had a nice way in the league and cup, and intended to stay in the forth league for a while. Maccabi Zigdon's arena called "The Fortress Arena" and contains 60,000 seats.

History and Achievements


  • 5th Place in VI.238 Season 10
  • 4th Place in VI.238 Season 11
  • 3th Place in VI.238 Season 12
  • 3th Place in VI.238 Season 13
  • 1st Place in VI.238 Season 14 Division VI.PNG
  • 7th Place in V .254 Season 15
  • 1st Place in VI.963 Season 16 Division VI.PNG
  • 4th Place in V . 75 Season 17
  • 2nd Place in V . 75 Season 18
  • 4th Place in V . 75 Season 19
  • 2th Place in V . 75 Season 20
  • 1th Place in V . 75 Season 21 Division V.PNG


  • 1st Round Season 11
    The Fortress Arena
  • 1st Round Season 12
  • 2nd Round Season 13
  • 2nd Round Season 14
  • 2nd Round Season 15
  • 3rd Round Season 16
  • 6th Round Season 17
  • 3rd Round Season 18
  • 4th Round Season 19
  • 6th Round Season 20
  • 8th Round Season 21 (Best run until now)

Flag Chasing

Maccabi Zigdon is one of many teams which consider "Flag Chasers". These are the flags we obtain until now:

Template:Flag/MARn Template:Flag/ARGn Template:Flag/AZEn Template:Flag/BLRn Template:Flag/BELn Template:Flag/BOLn
Template:Flag/BIHn Template:Flag/BRAn Template:Flag/BRAn Template:Flag/CANn Template:Flag/CZEn Template:Flag/CHIn Template:Flag/CHNn
Template:Flag/COLn Template:Flag/WALn Template:Flag/CYPn Template:Flag/DENn Template:Flag/GERn Template:Flag/ESTn Template:Flag/ENGn
Template:Flag/ESPn Template:Flag/FROn Template:Flag/FRAn Template:Flag/GREn Template:Flag/CROn Template:Flag/INDn Template:Flag/IDNn
Template:Flag/ISLn Template:Flag/ITAn Template:Flag/LVAn Template:Flag/LTUn Template:Flag/HUNn Template:Flag/MKDn Template:Flag/MASn
Template:Flag/MLTn Template:Flag/MEXn Template:Flag/MDAn Template:Flag/NEDn Template:Flag/JPNn Template:Flag/NORn Template:Flag/OCEn
Template:Flag/AUTn Template:Flag/PARn Template:Flag/PERn Template:Flag/POLn Template:Flag/PORn Template:Flag/THAn Template:Flag/ROUn
Template:Flag/RUSn Template:Flag/SUIn Template:Flag/SCOn Template:Flag/ALBn Template:Flag/SINn Template:Flag/SVNn Template:Flag/SVKn
Template:Flag/SERn Template:Flag/FINn Template:Flag/SWEn Template:Flag/TUNn Template:Flag/UKRn Template:Flag/URUn Template:Flag/USAn