Madagaskar Penguins

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Madagaskar Penguins (476995)
Country: Polska
Region: Łódzkie
Prize shelf: Division VII.PNG Goldenboot VII.gif Division VI.PNG Goldenboot VI.gif
Arena: Arctic Stadium (476995)
FanClub: Zico & Rico

Madagaskar Penguins is a Hattrick club from the region of Łódzkie, in Polska. The team was created on 31.10.2004 and is managed by DudeQ.

The team is currently playing in the polish 5th division, at the V.129 league. 2008-06-09 16:22:55 Tásmánían Dévíls was renamed to Madagascar Penguins

Trophy Case

So far, Madagaskar Penguins has won the following titles:

Top Players

These players will be forever remembered by the fans as part of the club's history:

Team History

HT-Season League Standing Puchar Polski
12 VII.621 4th place N/A
13 VII.621 Champion 1st round
14 VI.788 4th place 2nd round
15 VI.788 2nd place 3rd round
16 VII.788 Champion 5th round
17 V.129 5th place 3rd round
18 V.129 5th place 6th round
19 V.129 2nd place 8th round
20 V.129 3rd place 4th round
21 V.129 2nd place 3th round
22 V.129 2nd place 10th round
23 V.129 5th place 7th round

Current players

1 Lucjan Bidus Template:Flag/POL
22 Assaf Zandberg Template:Flag/ISR
12 Eugeniu Tudor Template:Flag/ROU
2 Jacek Otrzonsek Template:Flag/POL
3 Jacek Nowacki Template:Flag/POL
4 Euan Sanderson Template:Flag/SCO
5 Bartłomiej Ancerowicz C Template:Flag/POL
13 Marian Ryzner Template:Flag/POL
14 Markku Repo Template:Flag/FIN
23 Roman Jas Template:Flag/POL
10 Mirosław Tomas Template:Flag/POL
8 Remus Rotaru Template:Flag/ROU
7 Ireneusz Klaczak Template:Flag/POL
16 Alessandro Beccari Template:Flag/ITA
18 Uthman Al-Ashraf Template:Flag/CAN
69 Rudy Tijskens Template:Flag/BEL
21 Kimmo Lyytikäinen Template:Flag/FIN
10 Conrad Beasse Template:Flag/FRA
11 Kåre Sletskov Template:Flag/DEN
29 Michal Pacholski Template:Flag/POL
2 Jacek Otrzonsek Template:Flag/POL