Mahüber Gerva Camorezzonico/Crissolo (CN)

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Crissolo (CN)
Social data
Owner: Mahüber Gerva Camorezzonico
Arena ID: 233353
Country:  Italia
Continent: Europe
Region: Torino
Arena data
Total capacity: 555 555
Terraces: 466 163
Basic seating: 60 890
Seats under roof: 22 624
Seats in VIP boxes: 5 878

Crissolo (CN) is the stadium of Mahüber Gerva Camorezzonico from the season 20. It is one of the bigest stadium in the world now and maiby of ever. He hosts important matches of his club and Italia national team. After the season 45 his name was


  • 17/10/2009 with 500.000 seats became the bighhest stadium of the world.
  • 13/06/2009 U-20 Italia - U-20 China (5-2). Record of audience for U-20 national qualification: 168.477