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Major League Soccer (AllianceID:11104) is an American (USA) federation for Hattrick users that are Major League Soccer (MLS) supporters or fans. There is no private membership, so all that want to join, can.


In the MLS federation, you can discuss all MLS related information including the recent and continuing expansion of the league, Beckhams first full season, the Pan-Pacific Championship, the SuperLiga and the Copa Sudamericana. We also discuss current ht hot topics (YA, Subs). You can also try to win the Federations Cup, aptly named "MLS Fed Open Cup". Starting with the third cup, the winner has participated in the U.S. Champion's Premier Cup or the U.S. Cup Championship.


On July 15, 2004 the MLS federation was created by the owner of the now disbanded team Left Behind. Currently the fed is run by Metrostars1969, who was the MLS Cup Organizer (and still is) at the time, and defaulted into the commissioners role as the next highest position after the original Fed commish left HT.


Founding Date: July 15, 2004
Current Commissioner/Wiki Admin: djaeb2001, who coaches North Aurora Athletic Club (222650)
Past Commissioners: Originator Quit HT, Metrostars1969
Moderator/Recruiter: joedidonna, who coaches Fox Valley Kickers F.C. (224147)
Moderator/Recruiter: B-Saint, who coaches Diablos SC (8254)
Cup Coordinator : Metrostars1969, who coaches Metros (225287)
Oldest Member (7-15-2004): grubio, who coaches Atletico Rubio (222240)
Current Members: 37, as of November 02, 2008

MLS Fed Open Cup

The federation holds MLS Open Cup towards the middle of league play, usually after week 7. The cup has been ongoing for 8 consecutive seasons, with the most dominant team by far being Diablos SC, who won the first four cups in a row, and was runner up in the sixth edition.

Currently cup number 9 is being set-up and played.


Cup # & Season Champion (id) Runner Up (id) Score Venue Attendance Winner
I (29) Diablos SC (8254) ramblers_fc (223370) 2-0 North Aurora Activity Center 1,515 Home
II (30) Diablos SC (8254) Left Behind (Disbanded) 3-1 North Aurora Activity Center 3,000 Home
III (31) Diablos SC (8254) Fox Valley Kickers F.C. (224147) 2-0 North Aurora Activity Center 2,817 Away
IV (32) Diablos SC (8254) DC Untied (222385) 2-1 North Aurora Activity Center 1,619 Home
V (33) Metros (225287) North Aurora Athletic Club (222650) 3-2 The PugHorns Arena 1,005 Away
VI (34) Admiral 1775 (226950) Diablos SC (8254) 4-1 Jaime Moreno Park 1,716 Away
VII (35) DC Untied (222385) Admiral 1775 (226950) 5-0 North Aurora Activity Center 1,675 Home
VIII (36) DC Untied (222385) Admiral 1775 (226950) 2-1 North Aurora Activity Center 2,052 Away

Scoring Leaders

~This is way to much information to look for at the present time. Maybe some day we'll put all of it together~

U.S. Champion's Premier Cup & U.S. Cup Championship

The winner of the MLS Open Fed Cup has an invitation to play in the U.S. Champion's Premier Cup or the U.S. Cup Championship depending on the previous years champion and if they won there first round match. The first champion from the MLS Fed Open Cup that was invited to participate was Diablos SC, who had won the third MLS Fed Open Cup. Unfortunately, there was a scheduling conflict, and Diablos SC had to forfeit the match. Diablos SC won MLS Fed Open Cup four as well, but the cup went to long and there would be no representative sent.

Season 33 saw Metros winning the fifth MLS Open Fed Cup, and being sent to the U.S. Cup Championship. They played both there matches at famed cup hosting stadium, The North Aurora Activity Center. The semi-final game came easy as Metros crushed Erin Eagles 9-0. Then it was time for the final vs One Striker. Metros saw the other side of the coin that they had dealt just one week previous, and lost 0-9, taking second place in the U.S. Cup Championship. With there semi-final victory, Metros had guaranteed the season 34 cup winner a place in the U.S. Champion's Premier Cup.

Season 34 representative and winner of the sixth MLS Open Fed Cup Admiral 1775 would get to play in the more prestigious U.S. Champion's Premier Cup. They tried there hardest, but just couldn't pull out the victory and lost a close match 2-4.

Season 35 representative and winner of the seventh MLS Open Fed Cup DC Untied would be back into the U.S. Cup Championship. DC would win there first match 4-0 against a tough Memphis Manglers squad. They would be on to the U.S. Cup Championship final, just as Metros was two years before. Unfortunately, DC would give up a volley shot in the 10th minute of extra time and suffer a heartbreaking 3-2 loss.

Season 36 representative will be in the U.S. Champion's Premier Cup.


Cup # & Season MLS Representative Score Opponent (Fed) Venue Attendance
IV (31) Diablos SC (8254) NA Raleigh Wolfpack (ANCHOR) NA NA
VI (33) Metros (225287) 9-0 Erin Eagles (Disbanded) The North Aurora Activity Center 1,430
Final (33) Metros (225287) 0-9 One Striker (GOAL) The North Aurora Activity Center 2,911
VII (34) Admiral 1775 (226950) 2-4 Blackwatch (Peachtree Cup) Ernie K-Dome 1,342
VIII (35) DC Untied (222385) 4-0 Memphis Manglers (Volunteer State Champ) mocktire Arena 1,875
Final (35) DC Untied (222385) 2-3 ET Hyland's 11 (U.K. Conference Cup Champ) The KFC Landmark 3,378

Scoring Leaders

Cup # Player Name Goals Assists Points Team Name
VI (33) Corne Bosloo 3 0 3 Metros
VI (33) Martín Castro 2 0 2 Metros
VIII (35) Haddad Shahriar Abbasi 2 0 2 DC Untied
VIII (35) Denis Smirnov 2 0 2 DC Untied
VII (34) Christian Rodrigo 1 1 2 Admiral 1775
VI (33) Lee Bell 1 0 1 Metros
VI (33) Günther Strolz 1 0 1 Metros
VI (33) Ferdinand Mateo 1 0 1 Metros
VI (33) Eugenio Perales 1 0 1 Metros
VIII (35) Gelu Iliescu 1 0 1 DC Untied
VIII (35) Wienus Schippers 1 0 1 DC Untied
VII (34) Lowell Flood 1 0 1 Admiral 1775
VI (33) Damián Braver 0 1 1 Metros