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Major League Soccer (AllianceID:11104) is a federation for Hattrick users that are Major League Soccer (MLS) fans.


In the MLS federation, you can discuss all MLS related information including the recent and continuing expansion of the league, Beckhams first full season, the Pan-Pacific Championship, the SuperLiga and the Copa Sudamericana. We also discuss current ht hot topics (YA, Subs). You can also try to win the Federations cup, aptly named "MLS Fed Open Cup". The winner has participated in the U.S. Champion's Premier Cup or the U.S. Cup Championship the last two seasons.

MLS Fed Open Cup

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Season Champion Runner Up Score Venue Attendance Who Won
I (29) Diablos SC (8254) ramblers_fc (223370) 2-0 The North Aurora Activity Center 1,515 Home
II (30) Diablos SC (8254) Left Behind (Disbanded) 3-1 The North Aurora Activity Center 3,000 Home
III (31) Diablos SC (8254) Fox Valley Kickers F.C. (224147) 2-0 The North Aurora Activity Center 2,817 Away
IV (32) Diablos SC (8254) DC Untied (222385) 2-1 The North Aurora Activity Center 1,619 Home
V (33) Metros (225287) North Aurora Athletic Club (222650) 3-2 The PugHorns Arena 1,005 Away
VI (34) Admiral 1775 (226950)
VII (35) DC Untied (222385) Admiral 1775 (226950) 5-0 The North Aurora Activity Center 1,675 Home


On July 15, 2004 the MLS federation was created. No one knows who created the federation, but currently it's run by Metrostars1969, who was the MLS Cup Organizer (and still is) at the time, and defaulted into the commissioners role as the next highest position after the original Fed commish left HT.


Founder: Left Behind (Quit HT) Commissioner: Metrostars1969
Wiki Admin: djaeb2001
Current Members: 37