Major League Soccer

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~~Major League Soccer is currently under construction~~

Major League Soccer (US) (MLS) (AllianceID: 11104)

A federation for Hattrick users that are MLS fans.

A place where you can discuss all MLS related information including San Jose's return to MLS, Beckhams first full season, the Pan-Pacific Championship, the SuperLiga and the Copa Sudamericana.

The fed also runs the MLS Open Cup. The past winners of the Cup are:

MLSOC I - Diablos SC MLSOC II - Diablos SC MLSOC III - Diablos SC MLSOC IV - Diablos SC MLSOC V - Metros MLSOC VI - Admiral 1775 MLSOC VII - DC Untied

Commissioner: Metrostars1969 Founding date: 7/15/2004 Founder: Current Members: 37