Maos Chens

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'Maos Chens' (1624754)
Managed by MariscalJC
Club information
LocationLima Perú
ArenaXiangong (capacity 12,000)
Fan ClubLos Herederos

Maos Chens is a team located in Lima, Peru. It was founded in october 10, 2006. The president is MariscalJC. Already 10 rounds of 18th season was played and team with 10 points was is in six place of VI.328. First official game was played with Kosacos and was win with a 4-0. Currently (10 first matches of the season played) team with 30 points is 1th in VI.328.

Current Team


Flag Coach
Template:Flag/ITA Giuseppe Parigi


Flag Player Flag Player
Template:Flag/PER Alfonso Macedo Template:Flag/PER Juan Manuel Mohíno
Template:Flag/PER Alvarado Castro Template:Flag/PER Luigi Daga
Template:Flag/PER Andrés Montalván Template:Flag/PER Luis Alberto Matienzo
Template:Flag/PER Arnold Muñante Template:Flag/PER Mariano Huaccha
Template:Flag/BEL Christian Michau Template:Flag/PER Maxime Oré
Template:Flag/PER Denis Solórzano Template:Flag/NED Mels Heinemans
Template:Flag/PER Fernando Fernández Template:Flag/PER Nicomedes Oblitas
Template:Flag/PER Franco Seminario Template:Flag/PER Renzo Mosqueira
Template:Flag/PER Henry Cooper Template:Flag/POR Ricardo Brandão
Template:Flag/PER Isidro Carvajulca Template:Flag/PER Rigoberto Navalón
Template:Flag/PER Ismael Concha Template:Flag/PER Rolando Payhua
Template:Flag/PER Juan Soto Template:Flag/PER Zacarías Huarcaya

Memorable Moments

  • 10/10/2006 The club changed owner as MariscalJC took control and renamed Maos Chens


A. Macedo
M. Huacha
I. Concha
A. Castro
M. Heinema.
C. Michau
L. Matienzo
R. Payhua
A. Muñante
I. Carvajula