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Marbella AC
Marbella AC Logo
HT User: pourcelot64
Full name Marbella Atletic Club (484602)
Nickname Los leones criollos
Los hijos del sol
Founded 6-June-2004 as UD Bocas del Toro
9-September-2006 as Marbella Atletic Club
Location Template:Flag/PAN Panamá, Panamá
Sponsors Hummel, Super Q
Arena Estadio Ricardo Galindo
Capacity 49,000
Fanclub members 2,736
President Template:Flag/PAN Jean Sebastien Pourcelot
Coach Template:Flag/ARG Álvaro González (26784605)
League Template:Flag/PAN III.7 (60182) , Liga Xtrema VIII
Associations Federación Xtrema

Marbella Atletic Club (484602) is a Hattrick club currently competing in III.7 out of the Panama region in the Panamanian league. It is owned by Jean Sebastien Pourcelot.


Early history

Originally, Marbella was founded on June 6 2004 as UD Bocas del Toro and played in III.1 were they finished 4th in the league. Shortly after the end of the season the club was bought by onelove and renamed the team LA TRIBU on June 15th 2004, under onelove's management the club finished 7th in the league and were knocked out in the 1st round of the cup in Season 1 and on the 3rd round in Season 2. shortly after the cup's elimination the team was once again rebought, this time by albert10 who renamed the club Tigres Rojos FC on January 7 2005. Albert10 did not do any better than the previous owner, finishing Tigres Rojos in 8th place of the league and relegating them to the newly created VI division. He only lasted half a season more were the team got eliminated on the 1st round of the cup. During the next few months there were two changes in the management of the club, first andybuay bought the team and renamed it Seco Herrerano FC on March 6 2005, but on April 27 2005 the team once again changed management and Malta Vigor FC was born under the LonelyBear; Malta Vigor finished last in the IV.2 in season 3. Once again, at the end of the season the management relinquished its power on August 28 2005 to Darron who renamed the team Las Fichas F.C. whom finished 6th in the league and were knocked out in the 2nd round of the cup.

Shortly after, Womanizer26 took control and renamed the club los justicieros de persia on September 30 2005. Under his management the team was once again relegated but to the V division after finishing 7th in the IV.2. On the next season the club were knocked out in round1 of the cup and finished 6th in the V.219. On season 7 los justicieros de persia earn there first trophy by proclaiming themselves as champions of the V.219. Shortly after the championship, the management were forced, due to financial problems, to once again sell the team to current Marbella's owner pourcelot64 and on September 2nd 2006 Marbella Atletic Club was born.

Previous owners

Season Club Position Division Cup Round
0 Template:Flag/PAN UD Bocas del Toro 4 III.1
1 Template:Flag/PAN LA TRIBU F.C. 7 III.1 1
2 Template:Flag/PAN Tigres Rojos FC 8 III.1 3
3 Template:Flag/PAN Tigres Rojos
Template:Flag/PAN Seco Herrerano FC
Template:Flag/PAN Malta Vigor FC
8 IV.2 1
4 Template:Flag/PAN Las Fichas FC 6 IV.2
5 Template:Flag/PAN Las Fichas FC
Template:Flag/PAN los justicieros de persia
7 IV.2 2
6 Template:Flag/PAN los justicieros de persia 6 V.219 1
7 Template:Flag/PAN los justicieros de persia 1 V.219
8 Template:Flag/PAN los justicieros de persia IV.44 1

Marbella Atletic Club

Jean Sebastien Pourcelot took over the management and on September 2, 2006 founded what is today known as Marbella Atletic Club and based it in Panama City, specifically in Marbella of the Bella Vista district. The management has been successful in pulling this team from the grounds and making a name for itself in Panamá's football. They have charged with the philosophy of maintaining a young team composed by as many Panamanians possible and reinforced with top-quality foreign players. With this philosophy, the team has been successful in conquering the IV division title two times in a row and achieving an impressive run in the Copa del Istmo on season 16 after reaching the 7th round. Right now the team is in the III division of Panamanian football and is hoping that over the next few seasons it will manage to advance to the II division before making way to the first division (Liga Panameña de Fútbol).

Season by season

Season Club Position Division Cup Round
8 Template:Flag/PAN Marbella AC 6 IV.44
9 Template:Flag/PAN Marbella AC 5 IV.44 3
10 Template:Flag/PAN Marbella AC 2 IV.44 3
11 Template:Flag/PAN Marbella AC 3 IV.44 4
12 Template:Flag/PAN Marbella AC 3 IV.44 4
13 Template:Flag/PAN Marbella AC 1 IV.44 5
14 Template:Flag/PAN Marbella AC 7 III.13 5
15 Template:Flag/PAN Marbella AC 1 IV.39 6
16 Template:Flag/PAN Marbella AC 3 III.7 7
17 Template:Flag/PAN Marbella AC 4 III.7 4
18 Template:Flag/PAN Marbella AC III.7

Colors, badge and nicknames

Marbella AC crest in 2006

Marbella has played using the yellow and blue kit from its foundation. The yellow represents the sun and the blue color was chosen to represent the Panamanian flag. White is also used as an alternative color, usually for away matches.

Up to today Marbella has had two different badges. The first one was adopted in 2006 and it was a Brazilian-style badge with the club's color and an old-style football ball. In 2009 Marbella adopted a new badge in order to incorporate different elements that represent the team. The current badge is divided in two and has three main elements. The bottom half of the shield is a yellow background with blue and white diagonal stripes which represent the colors of the team. The upper half of the shield is a sun in a blue background, the sun was incorporated to the badge in representation of the Bella Vista district which symbol is a sun. And on the center of the badge there is an emblem of a European-style lion (from the owners region in France; Franche Comte), and this was incorporated because of the fans reference of the club as the creole lions.

During its history, Marbella has acquired a number of nicknames, los leones criollos (the creole lions) being the best-known. This nickname was given to the club by the supporters because of the players demonstration of pride and aggressiveness in every game. The club is also nicknamed los hijos del sol (the sons of the sun), because a lot of the players who played and still play in the team come from the Bella Vista district of Panama and the symbol for that district is a sun.


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Home Away Alternative
Marbella kit hummel 18 (1).png Marbella kit hummel 18 (2).png Marbella kit hummel 18 (3).png

First team squad

No. Nat. Position Player
1 Template:Flag/PAN GK Aurelio Herrán
3 Template:Flag/AUT DF Klaus Stockinger
4 Template:Flag/SUI DF Fulvio Scaranari
5 Template:Flag/TUR MF Mutlu Olkont
6 Template:Flag/PAN DF Andrés Barbosa
7 Template:Flag/SVK FW Leopold Juda
8 Template:Flag/NED MF Ivan Legerstee
9 Template:Flag/POL FW Edward Kunicki
10 Template:Flag/DEN MF Nils Raahauge (Captain)
No. Position Player
11 Template:Flag/POL MF Walter Piestrak
12 Template:Flag/FIN DF Risto Tervakorpi
13 Template:Flag/ARG MF Filemón García de Lizasaín
14 Template:Flag/CZE MF Pavel Sklenicka
15 Template:Flag/ROU MF Marius Spãtariu
16 Template:Flag/CHI GK Sarracino Quintupil
17 Template:Flag/POR MF Virgílio Minhoto
18 Template:Flag/PAN DF Damián Pacheco (From youth squad)
19 Template:Flag/PAN MID Alonso Quintero (From youth squad)

Changes during Season 18



Record and statistics

Up to season 17


  • Historical position in Panamanian football: (IV division).
  • Best position in III division: (Season 16).
  • Worst position in III division: (Season 14).

Competitive record

  • First victory: v. galactik futbol, season 8 fourth round, 11 September 2006 (6-0). (93431004)
  • First draw: v. la dinastia, season 8 third round, 4 September 2006 (0-0). (93430996)
  • First defeat: v.CF Praceta de Baixo, international friendly, 7 September 2006 (1-2). (95021833)

First competitive matches

  • In Panamanian league: v. la dinastia, season 8 third round, 4 September 2006 (drew 0-0). (93430996)
  • In Copa del Istmo: v. RCD Colon, season 9 third round, 7 December 2006 (won 6-1). (98801954)

Extreme results

  • Victories and defeats:
    • Home victory:9-0 v. Athletico Bocas del Toro, season 13 round 8, 14 April 2008. (168880799)
    • Away victory: 11-1 v. Spaarndam United, international friendly, second round, 31 January 2007. (111142450)
    • Home defeat: 0-7 v. Os Bentos, international friendly, 30 August 2007. (141009469)
    • Away defeat: 0-7 v. tourinorum, season 8 round 6, 25 September 2006. (93431009)


  • Marbella's first goal: Rodolfo Cruz v. CF Praceta de Baixo, international friendly, 7 September 2006 (lost 1-2). (95021833)

Most appearances

Pos. Player Appearances
1 Template:Flag/ITA Matteo Presti 162
2 Template:Flag/PAN Jorge Alberto Campos 154
3 Template:Flag/ROU Marius Spãtariu 142
4 Template:Flag/PAN Francisco Prieto 136
5 Template:Flag/PAN Daniel Santos 122
6 Template:Flag/CHI Sarracino Quintupil 120
7 Template:Flag/PAN Gregorio Montoya 117
8 Template:Flag/PAN Orestes Peña 116
9 Template:Flag/ITA Sandro Mosconi 111
10 Template:Flag/PAN Andrés Barbosa 105
  • Players in bold are still active

Appearance as captain

Pos. Player Appearances
1 Template:Flag/PAN Jorge Alberto Campos 118
2 Template:Flag/SUI Fulvio Scaranari 33
3 Template:Flag/USA Mark Boles 31
4 Template:Flag/DEN Nils Raahauge 30
5 Template:Flag/DEN Ask Munck 18
  • Players in bold are still active

Clean sheets

Pos. Player Clean sheets
1 Template:Flag/CHI Sarracino Quintupil 40
2 Template:Flag/ISL Birkir Albertsson
Template:Flag/USA Mark Boles
4 Template:Flag/PAN Marcos Buendía 3
5 Template:Flag/PAN Aurelio Herrán
Template:Flag/PAN Daniel Carrera
  • Players in bold' are still active


Only for league and cup matches

Pos. Player Goals
1 Template:Flag/ITA Sandro Mosconi 45
2 Template:Flag/SVK Leopold Juda 23
3 Template:Flag/ISR Arie Frenkel 22
4 Template:Flag/PAN Daniel Santos 21
5 Template:Flag/POL Edward Kunicki 20
6 Template:Flag/PAN Jorge Alberto Campos 19
7 Template:Flag/SUI Fulvio Scaranari
Template:Flag/ROU Marius Spãtariu
9 Template:Flag/ITA Matteo Presti
Template:Flag/ITA Walter Di Tullio
Template:Flag/PAN Orestes Peña
Template:Flag/SWE Per Thyhult
  • Players in bold are still active

Most goals in one season

Only for league and cup matches

Pos. Player Goals Season
1 Template:Flag/ITA Sandro Mosconi 17 13
2 Template:Flag/ITA Sandro Mosconi 11 15
3 Template:Flag/SVK Leopold Juda
Template:Flag/POL Edward Kunicki
10 13
5 Template:Flag/ITA Sandro Mosconi
Template:Flag/ISR Arie Frenkel
Template:Flag/DEN Nils Raahauge
8 11
  • Players in bold are still active

Hall of Fame

Gregorio Montoya (129971824)
Gregorio Montoya.jpg
10 seasons
117 matches 26 goals
Faithful to Marbella Atletic Club
his entire career


Division IV.PNG Division IV: 2

Youth Academy

Atletico San Miguelito crest

On April 2007 the board of directors of Marbella Atletic Club proudly opened an academy directed torwards the youth in Panama. Atletico San Miguelito has been succesful in training and developing a large array of skilled Panamanian players over the seasons. The team currently participates in the renowned international league Arn Youth League (223840).