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Personal Information
Full name Marc Drexler
Country  Israel
Position Midfielder
Best Prestation HTStar5.pngHTStarHalfGrey.png
Club Information
Current club Belgium SVV Red Star Brussels
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
47-49 Israel f.c bangers _7_(3)
49-50 Denmark Kalundborg _0_(0)
50-50 Argentina CSKA de RADA _10_(0)
50-51 Brazil Craques do Futuro _1_(0)
51-53 Finland Fc Urheiluhullut _5_(2)
53-58 Germany Jahn Schollendamm _71_(10)
58-60 Romania F,C, Bobohalma _34_(5)
60-63 Israel Hapoel mashina Tel Aviv _33_(8)
63-67 Belgium SVV Red Star Brussels _65_(8)
Global Seasons Team Games
64-68 Belgium SVV Red Star Brussels _75

Marc Drexler (Jerusalem,  Israel) was an Israeli football coach who actually works as an assistent coach at SVV Red Star Brussels. During his player career he was a Midfielder. His parents were Jewish immigrants from the USA.

Early career

Drexler started his career at his local team f.c bangers in Jerusalem. He only played a few games, and was sold to Kalundborg. In the next few seasons, he would be transferred to several teams rapidly, gradually increasing in training. These teams include Argentinian side CSKA de RADA and Craques do Futuro from Brazil in South America, and finally back in Europe with Finnish team Fc Urheiluhullut. He finally became a first-team player when he transferred to Jahn Schollendamm in Germany.

First-team player

Drexler joined Jahn Schollendamm at the end of Season 53, and immediately became a first-team regular. He was crucial in obtaining promotion for his team in Season 58, but was considered unfit for the German sixth division. He was then sold to Romanian side F,C, Bobohalma, where he was again a regular firstteamer for about two seasons. Drexler then moved to Hapoel mashina Tel Aviv in Israel, where he again became a key player on the midfield. He helped secure promotion to fifth division for his team, and helped prevent degradation again the next season. The team however wanted to reinforce themselves further, and there was no more place for the ageing Marc Drexler.

Career at SVV Red Star Brussels

Dexler was transferred to SVV Red Star Brussels to bring experience and leadership on the midfield of the freshly refounded team. He became a regular first-team player and was set to become a coach later on.

Drexler would play a total of 65 official games for the team, scoring 8 goals for the team. In his last game as a player, a competition game against FC de leute, Drexler got injured, and had to revalidate for a longer period. One month later, he announced his retirement as a football player, focussing on coaching his team for the rest of the season.

Player/Coach and Coaching career

Drexler became the team's coach in early Season 64. In his first game as a coach, he lost a cup match against FC Privot. In Season 66, he lead the team to victory in league VI.580, and promoted to 5th division.

In the first season in 5th division, Drexler managed to get the team to a 5th position in the league, and evade direct degradation. In the play-off match against Heverlee Heethoofden, he ensured to team could continue in 5th division with a 3-0 victory. Drexler retired at the beginning of season 68, his latest feat was a 3-0 victory against 1ière Charleroi in the opening match of season 68. He was replaced by Tobias Descher.

Matches played at SVV Red Star Brussels

League Cup Total
Season League App. Goals App. Goals App. Goals
63 VI.580 12 2 4 1 16 3
64 VI.580 12 2 4 0 16 2
65 VI.580 12 3 5 0 17 3
66 VI.580 7 0 5 0 12 0
67 V.176 2 0 2 0 4 0
Total 45 7 20 1 65 8

Personal Life

Drexler lives in Uccle, in the southern part of Brussels, with his boyfriend Amitai Amrani, who also used to be a football player at Red Star Brussels.

Red Star Brussels
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