Marco Cajahuaman

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Personal Information
Full name Marco Cajahuaman
Nickname cabezon
Country  Perú
Position Defender
Club Information
Current club Peru Garra Crema FC
Senior Clubs1
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
18-20 Peru Belenko _40 _(10)
21-22 Chile Desintegrators FC _44 _(12)
23 Argentina La 22 Locura y Descontrol _32 _(10)
24-? Peru Garra Crema FC _16 _(5)

Marco Cajahuaman is a Hattrick peruvian player, who play as a defender. Born the 29 May of 1979 (31 years)

Player History

Cajahuaman has a great technique to Heading. He has a great experience in the Sudamerican Football. He has played in Argentina and Chile.