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[[Category:Italian Players|Bellotto, Mario]]
[[Category:Italian Players|Bellotto, Mario]]
[[Category:U.S. Alta Irpinia|Bellotto]]
[[Category:U.S. Alta Irpinia|Bellotto, Mario]]
[[Category:Retired Players|Bellotto, Mario]]
[[Category:Retired Players|Bellotto, Mario]]
[[Category:Coaches|Bellotto, Mario]]

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Personal Information
Full name Mario Bellotto
Nickname Unknown
Country Italy Italia
Position DEF
Club Information
Current club Retired
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
Domus Pulchri Ludi U.S. Alta Irpinia _2_(0)
Global Seasons Team Games
Domus Pulchri Ludi U.S. Alta Irpinia

Mario Bellotto (427384166) was an Italian player and trainer.

Prize Shelf as trainer