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Marmadukes FC (418634)
Managed by Liam87
Club information
LocationQueensland Oceania
ArenaMarmaduke Lane
Fan ClubN/A

Marmadukes FC is an Oceanian football club based in Marmaduke Lane, Queensland.


Liamist States

The club was founded as the Liamist States (the name being a local joke), an amatuer side who lost every league game in the tailend of Oceania's Season 13. After being demoted, the team was re-branded Marmadukes FC and the current, professional club was born. Only a handful of players from the original Liamist States squad still play and only two of which play for Marmadukes FC.

Liamist States was responsible for the club's first goal, scored against Tempests in the club's first game, an 8-1 drubbing. The club's first win also came under the Liamist States banner, a 2-1 victory over the American club, Gaian Ascendancy.

Season 14

Season 15

Season 16




  • Mauricio Delgado (Season 14 - Now)
  • Bradley Sommers (Liamist States)




  • Largest win: 9-0 against Bairnsdale CC (home, Season 15); Victoria FC (away; Season 14)
  • Largest loss: 0-9 against Death_Team (away, Season 14)
  • Highest scoring game: 4-7 against FC Otterspoor (away, Season 15); 5-6 against Muttdogs (home, Season 15); 9-2 against FC Queensland (away, Season 14)
  • Most goals scored in a season: 93 in VI.520, Season 14
  • Most goals conceded in a season: 38 in V.7, Season 15


  • Most goals scored in a league season: 22 by Fraser Pushkin
  • Most goals scored in a match: 5 by Fraser Pushkin against FC Queensland, Season 14
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