Maroon Glory

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Maroon Glory (418444)
Managed by JRA_WestyQld2
Club information
LocationQueensland Oceania
ArenaThe Cauldron
Fan ClubMaroon Passion

Maroon Glory

Founded: 26/07/2005
Manager: JRA_WestyQld2
Stadium: The Cauldron
Country: Oceania


Maroon Glory is named after the passion that the owner and the region of Queensland has for sporting teams, the Queensland State of Origin team in particular which is nicknamed the Maroons.
Maroon Glory started its campaign in division V and was almost certian of demoting since it joined with 3 weeks left in the season. However, it managed to get its first ever win in the second last game of the season. Maroon then demoted to VI.366 which was initially going to be a stroll for the team, but it had financial problems after its staduim expansion earlier on, meaning it had to sell most star players from the team to get itself out of bankruptcy. In three games, Maroon Glory were so short of players that were fit they had to play their coach at the time, Brian Suniara to make up numbers. The team finished the season with 13 wins and 1 draw, which would see them to promotion into V.127 where they would face an uncertian start the the season with only 14 players. Although 1 win and 2 draws late in the season saw Maroon Glory scramble to 7th, they would unavoidably demote back to VI.812. Before their 4th season would start, Maroon Glory bought three new key players who would set up a backbone for Maroon Glory which in total cost the club 1.2 million dollars. Maroons young winger Truman Watkinson, who had been excelling at the training program, improved out of site in season 4 and it seemed like the Quick 20yo Oceanian was going to be at the club for a long time. Half way through season 4, Maroon Glory was undefeated and it seemed nothing could go wrong. Two weeks later the Maroons had 10 injuries on their hands, including Truman Watkinson, 36yo Lauge Davidsen and both goalkeepers, Juan Dunn and Ludo Jansen. Through Youth Academy and transfers, two more keepers were secured to play in the injury time of Ludo Jansen. Before this happened, Danny Arnon became the first ever player in Maroon Glory to play Inner Midfield, Defender, Winger, Wing Back and Goalkeeper. The outfield injuries were easily replaced with Maroons huge amount of depth with 25+ players on the team and so Maroon Glory's path for season 4 still seems promosing...

Star Players

Team History

26/04/2006 The team was kicked out of the Cup at round 1 season 17 08/04/2006 Maroon Glory finished as number 7 in V.127 season 16 11/01/2006 The team was kicked out of the Cup at round 2 season 16 17/12/2005 Maroon Glory finished as number 1 in VI.366 season 15 14/09/2005 The team was kicked out of the Cup at round 1 season 15 27/08/2005 Maroon Glory finished as number 8 in V.246 season 14 26/07/2005 The club changed owner as JRA_WestyQld2 took control and renamed it Maroon Glory