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Masterne started playing Hattrick in 2003. Was the first team that reached the Division One who began in the lowest division by that time, Division Five.

Played in the Division One four seasons, reaching the second place in season 19. That was the unique season two teams matched in the top spot, but Masterne loses the championship by goal average.

His owner, CDominguez, was elected NT Coach of Chile in april 2007, and therefore Masterne's top flight was a second priority, after the chilean national team.

Masterne has won 6 titles in Hattrick:

V.93 in 26-10-2003

IV.41 in 06-06-2004

IV.38 in 16-01-2005

III.16 in 09-04-2006

II.3 in 30-07-2006

III.7 in 11-01-2009