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The Match engine is the most common name for the algorithm that simulates the matches in Hattrick. Often blamed for unlikely results, the Match engine might just be one of the most cursed features of Hattrick.

The match engine start calculating the matches exactly when the matches start. It is a common belief that the 15 minute period before matches are the time when the calculations take place, but that period is merely a buffer so that managers submit their line-up in good time. This was stated on the forum by HT-Bjorn in the following post: (Translated from Swedish)

Keywords: (Match engine), (Time buffer)

By: HT-Bjorn 2796895.19 as reply to 2796895.18
To: Mod-Rhoddry 24-03-2005 at 06:10
Calculations start at kick-off :o) The 15 mins before match start is like a "time buffer" for different kinds of stuff and so that ppl won't place orders at the same moment matches are about to start, which could mess things up a bit.