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A formation is the way in wich a team is lined up. A formation decides the number of defenders, midfielders and forwards. Formations can only be changed by [[extra |repositioning]]. An example: "Inner midfielder 1" gets repositioned to play as an "extra central defender". He takes on the role of a centraldefender, just like an ordinary centraldefender. This means you've changed from the normal 4-4-2 lineup to a 5-3-2 tactic! Note that he's still called "Inner midfielder 1" (for ease of identification), but he plays in the position of a central defender. Without repositioning you will play with the basic formation 4-4-2.
#REDIRECT [[Formations]]
The following are the most used formations. With these you can reduce the chance of [[confusion]] by playing them often and acquire [[formation Experience]]. 4-4-2 [[formation Experience]] is always at excellent.
* [[4-4-2]]
* [[5-4-1]]
* [[5-3-2]]
* [[4-5-1]]
* [[4-3-3]]
* [[3-5-2]]
* [[3-4-3]]
Other formations can be used as well, but they won't gain [[formation Experience]].
* [[2-5-3]]
* [[5-5-0]]
* [[5-2-3]]

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