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Match report example (old style)
Example of match report
Score, substitutions and possession detail

In match report all match events are reported here in detail: scoring opportunities, injuries, cards, Tactics and ratings (possession percentages in the 45th and the 90th minute and sector ratings) for both teams appear when the match is finished. These ratings at the end of the match report are average ratings for the entire match time. When a match in progress live the report is obviously not available.

Different Wording

In the match reports there are many different wordings for the same event.

For example, to say that a player scored through the centre they can say :

"0 - 1 was the score in the 30th minute, after [Player Name] cut through the central defense and chipped home a goal."

or, for the same event:

"[Team Name] tied it all up, in the 81st minute, after a spectacular goal by [Player Name], who miraculously broke through the home side's central defense, making it 2 - 2."

The same thing occurs for all the different events in the Match report.

Detail Tabs

If you click on the icons at the top left you'll see different tabs:

  • "Shields icon": Summary splash screen for the match result,
  • "Shirt icon": teams Line-up tab,
  • "Star icon": Player ratings tab, how well each player performed in that match (shown in stars),
  • "Field icon": Rating details tab, you can view more accurate 5-minute intervals.
Match report tabs
Summary tab Line-up tab
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Player ratings tab Rating details tab
Player ratings Rating details
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