Mauro Blasilli

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Mauro Blasilli
Personal Information
Full Name Mauro Blasilli
Country Italy Italia
Player ID (196615179)
Position Coach
Sénior Club
Season 35 - 40 Italy Castelfranco
Season 40 - 42 Iran Persian Gunners
Coach Carrer
Season 42 - 46 Iran Persian Gunners

Mauro Blasilli is an ex italian defender that have play in Castelfranco since the foundation. They was also the coach for a iranian club

  • Gol fatti in carriera: 7
  • Hattrick (triplette) in carriera: 0


Player Trophy

Division X.PNG
Season 38

Coach Trophy

Division VI.PNG
Season 42
Persian Gunners

Momenti di Gloria

  • 02/08/2010 19:44 È stato ingaggiato come allenatore da Persian Gunners.


15-11-2009 Castelfranco Arsenal Esf 1 000 € 20 TSI