Max A Team Defending Training

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Here is a training plan for a team playing 4-5-1 and 4-4-2 for league games and 5-4-1 for friendlies. The idea is to maximize the number of a-teamers who are receiving training.

4 defender trainees.

1 winger who plays in defence in friendlies and so is also a trainee to become a nice balanced wingback. 19-20yo and as much wing as you can afford.

4 IMers who also train defence in friendlies.

1 winger who is old and cheap.

2 forwards who are old and cheap.

This gives you the flexibility to play all permutations of 4-5-1 and 4-4-2 in competitive matches, with any amount of F, W, and WTM you like. It also keeps your outlay low as your non-defence players are also trainees during the friendlies, and means you don't have many players hanging around not training and not accumulating value (only 3 A teamer outfielders are non training). And you still have the full complement of 9 trainees!

Note this regime increases the chance of injuries to your IM players as they play twice each week, which is why they need to be young so they heal fast!

Variant B

I started with the plan above but modified it to use the following trainees

3 CD trainees 3 IM trainees 3 W trainees

plus the two forwards and one winger who are old and cheap.

As you sell your trainees which are playing CD you replace them with an IM trainee and buy a better IM player and add more defence on them.

Of your 3 W trainees two will be playing WB, as you sell them your other trainee moves to WB and you buy a better winger and add more defence on them.

So essentially your new trainees start in the midfield and are played twice a week and as you sell your defender trainees you move a middie into the back line and buy a better midfield trainee (more primary skill and more passing to improve your attack). This way your constantly improving your ratings across each sector.