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Medic helps injured players rehabilitate faster decreasing the recovery time and reduce thre injury risk.

Every time your team plays a match, there is a certain injury risk for your players. Other factors - such as hiring Assistant Coaches - may increase the risk. Having a Medic in the backroom staff will reduce the base injury risk for your team.

If a player experiences an injury, Medics also help speed up their recovery. In Hattrick, injuries show up with an estimated recovery time in weeks. During every daily update, the player recovers a little bit on his way to 90 % health (when he can play again, but is still bruised) and then, ultimately, to 100 % health, when he has no sign of the injury left.

Skill Level Recovery Speed Injury Risk Cost/week
- No bonus 40% 0 €
Medic.png +20% -7,5% 1 500 €
Medic.pngMedic.png +40% -15% 3 000 €
Medic.pngMedic.pngMedic.png +60% -22,5% 6 000 €
Medic.pngMedic.pngMedic.pngMedic.png +80% -30% 12 000 €
Medic.pngMedic.pngMedic.pngMedic.pngMedic.png +100% -37,5% 24 000 €

Example: A level 5 Medic will reduce the base injury risk from 0.4 injuries per match to 0.025.

The graph shows how much faster a player will recover fully from the same injury, depending on whether or not you have a Medic. With no Medic, a 19 year old player will take 3 weeks to recover. With a level 2 Medic he will take around 2 weeks to recover. With a level 5 Medic this reduces to approximately one and a half weeks.

A 29 year old player with the same injury would take 6 weeks to recover with no Medic. A level 1 Medic reduces this to about 5 weeks. A level 5 Medic reduces it further to just under 3 weeks.


Doctors (old staff specialist)[edit]

Before season 55 new staff reform, you could hire more than one doctor, up to ten, meaning faster healing. Each additional doctor offers diminishing returns — ten docs don't heal players twice as fast as five do.

You were nonetheless able to use up to a maximum of 10 docs. When you employed more than ten doctors there was a chance that your supporter mood could drop at every daily update.