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== Welcome to the Sandbox ==
#REDIRECT [[Hattrick:Sandbox]]
A wiki allows you to share your knowledge with others, and build on the collected wisdom of all contributors to the wiki. 
The Sandbox allows you to experiment with different editing techniques, allowing you to get comfortable with the concept of editing a wiki.
== What You Can Do Here ==
If you would like to learn more about editing a wiki, check out the Editing Help section.
== Be Courteous ==
If you are going to edit this wiki, please leave all of the above content in place for other users.
== Edit This Section ==
Just click the EDIT link to the right of this text, or the EDIT link at the top of the page and try some of the following:
* Add links to other pages within this Wiki (like the [[Players]] page)
* Add links to external sites (like to [http://www.hattrick.org Hattrick])
* Create lists (like this one)
* Create '''bold text''' or ''italic text''
* Insert images [[Image:http://www.hattrick.org/Common/images/wcman.gif]]
You can even create different heading styles:
= Heading 1 =
== Heading 2 ==
=== Heading 3 ===

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