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Full Name: Meteori
Previous Names: Mete2, METE2, Dynamo Schnitzel, Internacional de Facto, Vimpel
Colors: Blue White and Black
Nickname: Meteors
Founded: 14th October 2009
Ground: Arena Tricuspidalis (Capacity: 100 000)
Owner/Manager: Bekaa
Fan club: A-Steroids

Meteori is a Georgian Hattrick Football Club from Kutaisi, Imereti. The club was founded in 14 october 2009, by Bekaa. The home ground Arena Tricuspidalis is one of the most beautiful and famous stadiums in the world.


1st Season

The first season Meteori spent in V.108 division. Their first official match was against veragebi; Meteori had played MOTS and won 7-0. In the final and decisive game Vimpel defeated A.C.JVAROSNEBI 2-1. It was during the first season, when the club bought Portuguese forward Vitorino Conceição, who later became a legend and a top scorer.

2nd Season

The next season Meteori dominated the league. The only team to show some kind of resistance was F.C. Mad Dogs Martvili, but their attempts were futile. Meteori won both mathes (1-0, 4-0) and got promoted.

Cup Winner

Meteori has won David Kipiani and Mikheil Meskhi Cup (The latter 3 times).



Club's manager and founder is Bekaa.

Youth Academy

The youth team has changed its name several times. At first Academy was called Meteori, later it was changed to METE2 KID. Now the youth team is called Iveria, being trained by Mirian Zurabashvili. The royal scouts from across the country are trying to find young, talented players. Iveria is a honorary member of the Paata Janashvili Cup the most popular tournament after Hattrick Masters.

Supported Clubs

Meteori has many friends in HT world, but some of them are friends in real life too. Teams: Gulebi, Plutoni, arginini, A T P, Nakaduli, FC Kutaisi, BJOLEBI are among them. However these teams are also rivals in hattrick.