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             <p>Oh, almost forgeth, I am creator of PTG-HT Championship a CHPP  
             <p>Oh, almost forgeth, I am creator of PTG-HT Championship a CHPP  
               approved application where cup/friendlies matchs take place. I give  
               approved application where cup/friendlies matchs take place. I give  
               a 3-month HT-supporter as prize ! Adress www.ptght.tk !</p>
               a 3-month HT-supporter as prize ! Adress http://www.ptght.tk !</p>
               Thank you laurghita. And good luck in your league and your  
               Thank you laurghita. And good luck in your league and your  

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The clown slayer
By Ranjit

Clowns are funny people. Apparently, their great sense of humor, their solid leadership and their popularity don't effect everyone in the same way. Some believe that clowns are the only reason to stop their team spirit from collapsing after defeats, while others believe its another HT urban legend,

Both types of people will admit, though, that between the moment of disappointement, when you find out that your youth pull not only is 21yo, but also got TSI below 50, and the moment when you are firing him on his way to shop in the mall, you always get a glimpse at his leadership. Who knows, maybe he can have a career after all.

The clown himself, who was only pulled out few hours back, is already looking arrogantly at his team mates who are being fired one after another even they play football much better them himself. This clown's career can take few turns. Most probably, if he stays in the team he will watch the games from the vip box. In his long lasting career he will gain nothing but old age. He can be sold also for few million rupees to another club and the same faith awaits him there.

Unless he falls to the hands of laurghita. The manager of Mormoetii (179175) in the Romanian league. The clown slayer!

Clowns for laurghita are like windmills for don kixote. No matter how hopeless hi battle looks - he want give it up. Ghita is leading a clown crusade in three stages: spot the clown, buy him for full market price and fire him. laurghita's vision is to see a clown-free hattrick.

What is you problem with clowns?

laurghita: I don't have a problem with clowns in real life. I was never scared by them in my childhood not do my son. My fight against clowns is an exclusive hattrick crusade.

Ok. Let me refrase it. What is your problem with HT clowns?

Not with all clowns, just with the majority of them, those who dont deserve to play in a football team. Low skill clowns ! Low skill clowns dont deserve theyr almost fixed high price on the market ! Its not normal to sell/buy a 20-200 TSI skill player with aprox. 75.000 Euro or for romanians 1.590.000 Lei just because they are popular and have leadership solid ! That very little Team Spirit help from a clown is nothing for a newbie team, they have other high problems before that.

When laurghita started his clown-crusade he published a dramatic press announcement:

FIRE-Clown Revolution !

laurghita is proud to announce: The Clown Revolution has begun!
Comrades! For too long low skilled clowns enslaved the world of Hattrick! This has to end before all newbies lose theyrs precious coins for a "player" who just scare our players childrens.
Now, what can I do, you may ask yourself? Find a clown and fire him! It's as simple as that - sometimes the simplest idea is the most powerful. Clowns need freedom like other low skilled players. Let give them all some feedom taste!

And you don't mind hurting your own team by financing this battle?

laurghita: Of course is not good for my team ! I buy and fire until now five clowns at the market price just because I know if I buy them and then erase that clowns from Hattrick existence, they cant fool others newbies to spend their little money on something they don't need now !

I believe you understand that by firing five clowns you will not make a revolution. How many more are you planning to buy and fire?

laurghita: Revolutions don't necessarily need money, just very good and charismatic leaders.
My job is to bring in attention to newbies that low skill clowns are a myth, even the HT-Staff don't believe in that self-made myth anymore: Teams without clowns: HT-Bjorn, HT-Hasse, HT-Frid, HT-Mattias, HT-Trapper,[br]¦ HT-Jonas, HT-Calle, HT-Sarah...Teams with blind-clowns:HT-Johan, HT-Tjecken.

You opened a federation regardin this issue…

laurghita: that fed died on sight ! No one wants to spend a dime trying to convince by action the newbies to stay away for the clown extravaganza.
I have some verbal support, even some users fire theirs old clowns, but they don't spend supplementary money to buy and fire other low skill clowns who hunt the market. You see, it's somehow an expensive revolution and now everybody is short on money.

Did you as a newbie got ripped off by buying a clown?

laurghita: No, I got one from my youth squad, he was the first clown I fired of course

When and how did you figure out that its a myth?

laurghita: When I saw a lot of newbies who ask others to define a clown, obviously they were advised to buy one for their team. and they listen because they think 'if they are so expensive for a 20 TSI low skill players they must be a must for a team'. A false deduction of course.

When you buy a clown (just to fire him) dont you think that you actualy encourage the clown trade?

laurghita: This is the most common criticism I get from those who say my buy/fire method is useless. but I know my method attract attention from newbies so they start listening to me. I grab their attention. its a good start to change somebody ideas, first make them listen, by any method, and then convince them by presenting various facts about the uselessness of low skill clowns.

And the facts would be…

To have a clown in your team, is like you call voodoo magic or gypsies to help you where your management failed. That's why great teams don't have low skill clowns in their team. because of the shame this kind of "players" bring upon the manager of that team. If this manager have to relay on myths to help him win games then he probably reach the top of his management skill and he don't know how to go further by himself. If they rely in low skill clown to save the teams then for sure those teams are doomed.

Is there anything in Hattrick that annoys you? Day traders?

laurghita: I have nothing against common day-traders, even I was one in the beginning, but clown traders, I would like to see them fined for every clown sell, they make money by fooling newbies with high prices for low skill clowns and this with the approval of all gamemasters ! That little team spirit help from a clown don't deserve that high amount of money, with that money newbies can buy a passable midfielder who have a permanent and high impact in their starting teams.

Do you know anyone that follows you....?

laurghita: I dont remember exact usernames, but about 3-4 clowns were fired by others and 6 by me until this interview time! Anyway I fire clowns usually when the clown threads become to large and many start giving their thoughts about this problem, so I am forced to fire one to open the eyes of everybody who post on that thread

Do you think you reach a lot of people that way?

laurghita: yes. A lot. If they don't have the guts to fire their clowns, then a lot of them sell them or at least stop searching for them.

And few words about your team, Mormoetii…

laurghita: First of all - forever NO CLOWN team! I am a manager who doesn't look to the opposite team; I put on every match the best team I have at the moment.
I sell my trainees at magnificent for another magnificent, my best youth pull till now is a solid who poped to excellent. I sold him for a solid trainer with passable leadership and for the rest of the money I made some arena upgrade. I have a nick-ed player Laurentiu "Cocosatul" Ghita, and 6 other players with the same name Laurentiu Ghita

I saw that you never stay more then 2 seasons in the same level. is it promotion season for you again?
I hope so but also I don't think so. My method of promotion is always like this: I go to upper level just when with 50% PIC and 100% blind games I win my league !

Oh, almost forgeth, I am creator of PTG-HT Championship a CHPP approved application where cup/friendlies matchs take place. I give a 3-month HT-supporter as prize ! Adress http://www.ptght.tk !

Thank you laurghita. And good luck in your league and your crusade.


Clubhouse of the team http://club.hattrick.org/Mormoetii