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Mosta (709366)
Managed by zuglubuglu
Club information
Location Malta
ArenaMosta Arena (70ooo Capacity)
Fan Clubdamn we love 99


Mosta were lucky enough to start off in series II.4 and promote in their first outing with help from Spezy who is currently Malta's NT coach.

Life in the Premiership was disastrous during the first season with Mosta only surviving because the rest of the league was filled with bot teams. In the following season Mosta had a great start and were at first place at some point of the league. However due lack of serious team management and effort, Mosta started lacking behind and droped (gave away some matches) to series II.

To the astonishment of some, Mosta even dropped in their subsequent season and are now a series III team.

Memorable Moments

  • 7/10/2004 Mosta created
  • 21/01/2004 Promotes to Kampjonat Premier

League History

Country (Season) Division Final Position
Malta (5) III.8
Malta (4) II.3 6th
Malta (3) Kampjonat Premier 6th
Malta (2) Kampjonat Premier 4th
Malta (1) II.4 1st

Cup History

Country (Season) Division Cup Round
Malta (6) II.3
Malta (5) III.8 5th
Malta (4) II.3 7th
Malta (3) Kampjonat Premier 1st
Malta (2) Kampjonat Premier 4th
Malta (1) II.4 2nd

Favourite Players

  • Dominic Cortis -- Number 69
  • Gaspare Toth -- Original Squad member

Stats till 11/1/06

  • Most Capped Player excl. Friendlies -- Bart Ploum 55 caps
  • Highest Transfer fee paid - Dennis Tegbeck Lm 1,600,000 / $3.2M
  • Highest Transfer fee received - Carlos María Palomeque LM 1,020,500 / $2M
  • Longest Winning Streak excl. Friendlies -- 10 matches (August 2005)
  • Longest Undefeated Streak excl. Friendlies -- 12 matches (February 2005)

Favourite Teams

Rival Teams