Muhammed Ali Savtekin

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Muhammed Ali Savtekin is considered one of the best multi skilled youthpulls that Hattrick youthsquads ever produced. He was pulled as a 17 year old, and had the following skills:

Muhammed Ali Savtekin (72288348)

17 years, passable form, healthy
A pleasant person who is temperamental and honest.
Has disastrous experience and weak leadership abilities.

Specialty: Unpredictable

Nationality: Deutschland
Total Skill Index (TSI): 7 330
Wage: 1 210 €/week
Owner: Rosenborg BK Trondheim
Warnings: 0
Injuries: Healthy

Stamina: weak Goalkeeping: disastrous
Playmaking: solid Passing: excellent
Winger: excellent Defending: solid
Scoring: passable Set Pieces: passable

He was pulled late in the season and trained in playmaking with an excellent coach at Mercurius Rotterdam. Winger training would have been better from an U20 perspective, so he never made it to the German U20.

He still plays in the Netherlands, but now at eclips where he gets winger training. Since joining eclips Muhammed Ali Savtekin is frequently seen on the transfer list, at a ridiculous price, showing off his skills.